Articles from September 2011

Blue Ribbon Brasserie Brooklyn, NY Added to “Rated Kid Friendly” Restaurant Directory

Blue Ribbon Brasserie

A number of people have said that the Blue Ribbon roast duck appeals to both adults and kids. The adult menu at Blue Ribbon has been described as New American and eclectic and that carries over to the children’s menu. The children’s menu includes French Bread Pizza, Chicken Burger Deluxe, Catfish Fingers, Chicken & Vegetable Paella, Grilled Cheese, Shrimp and Penne among the extensive and varied selections. The kids can entertain themselves with complimentary crayons and paper. Visit Blue Ribbon Brasserie

Nico’s Cocina Mexican Grill Carrollton, TX Added to “Rated Kid Friendly” Restaurant Directory

Nico's Cocina Mexican Grill

Here are two reviews of Nico’s.  One mother wrote, “I’ve lived in this area since before this place opened, and never once realized how awesome that it was, or the fact that they have a kid’s playground to keep the little ones occupied back there.  SCORE.” The second mother said, “Let’s just say. PLAYGROUND! This place has rocking food, great salsa, a patio and a PLAYGROUND”. There is a kids menu. Visit Nico’s Cocina Mexican Grill

Wishbone Chicago, IL Northside Added to “Rated Kid Friendly” Restaurant Directory

Wishbone Northside

At Wishbone’s restaurant on the north side of Chicago they say that their food is Southern Reconstruction Cooking. As one patron said, “cheese grits and biscuit stole my heart. Yummm. I haven’t had such awesome cheese grits since I lived in South Carolina. The decor is also fun and kind of quirky. It’s definitely the kind of neighborhood restaurant I would frequent if I lived in Lakeview”. There is a kids menu which includes a Black Angus burger, chicken nuggets, the Rabbit Patch (vegetable platter) and quesadillies (as they call them). Kids receive a coloring mat and crayons. Some of the kids art work is hung on the walls. Visit Wishbone

Boulder Junction Charcoal Grill Brookfield, WI Added to “Rated Kid Friendly” Restautant Directory

Animal Wall at Boulder Junction Grill

As one mother wrote, “Every year we let our kids pick any restaurant they want for their birthday. For the fourth year in a row, my daughter, aged 6, has picked this restaurant. It amazes me that they keep picking it. …. they enjoy Boulder Junction for the animals on the cliff, and also for the tiny pool they have inside with fish. They have a good variety on their menu, and the food and service have always been good.” Visit Boulder Junction Charcoal Grill

Joe’s Inn Bon Air, VA Added to “Rated Kid Friendly” Restaurant Directory

Joe's Inn Bon Air, VA

Joe’s Inn (Bob Air location) is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes deli subs, pizza, fresh seafood, steaks, and big salads.  There is a Sunday breakfast buffet.  The Kids Menu, for children 12 and under, includes pasta, mac n’ cheese, spaghetti, burgers, and chicken tenders. To keep the children occupied, they have coloring books and toys. On Wednesday nights from 6 to 8PM, kids are entertained by a magician and a juggler. Visit Joe’s Inn