Wobble Cafe Ossining, NY Added to “Rated Kid Friendly” Restaurant Directory

Chicken Fondue at Wobble Cafe

Ossining, NY 10562…21 Campwoods Road 914-762-3459…..Wobble Cafe is a cozy, comfortable, child friendly neighborhood restaurant with a gourmet chef who studied under Emeril. Beylka Krupp and her husband, Rich Foshay, have trained their staff to pay attention to needs of their young diners. If a child needs a napkin, an extra napkin is brought before asking. When we asked for an alternative to fries, we were presented with sliced apples, pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew melon. The kid’s menu features chicken fondue. Need we say more? Completing the Kid Friendly atmosphere is a play area. Visit Wobble Cafe