Where to Find…info on preventing bullying in school and on the Internet

It used to be that bulling was something you worried about when your child was in school, or the playground; now the Internet is a major source of child bullying.

The following resources are just a few of many that exist to help parents and teachers to intervene when bullying is taking place and/or prevent it before it starts in school and other social settings. A few of the web sites and articles deal with keeping your child safe when he or she uses the web for school projects and on educational and recreational sites for children.

Bullying Facts and Figures – www.nasponline.org

Bullying At School and Online-www.education.com

Online Bullying:




Special Ed Bullying- www.learningdisabilities.about.com

Bullies Go High Tech – www.wisn.com

Bullying Fact Sheet Series – www.schoolsafety.us

Free Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans – www.learntobehealthy.org


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