Tips for In-Home Summer Safety for Children

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Summer is a time of outdoor activities and fun, but it’s also a time to maintain a high level of safety and security for children.

childrenProfessionals at created a list of the top three tips to help parents keep children safe and secure during the carefree months of summer.

The summer is a highly valued time for many choldren. It means more freedom, time away from school and great weather to enjoy outdoor activities. Despite the many advantages of summer, it is important that parents set guidelines and take safety and security into consideration.

1.    Consider installing a home security system. Summer is a great time to look for discounts for security systems, and not only do many companies offer special summer prices but security systems can provide a great deal of peace of mind for parents, particularly parents who work and have children at home during the summer. Of particular interest for many parents are home automation systems, because not only do these systems provide a great deal of security, but they also allow parents to monitor what’s going on during the long days of summer, even while away at work. Home automation systems are also ideal for summer because they can help homeowners save on summer utility bills, which can be extremely costly.

2.    Set expectations for children the summer. The summer can mean long days of little or no supervision for children, particularly children of parents who work, but it’s important to create a sense of structure, even when school isn’t in session. This will allow children to remain safer and more secure, even if not constantly supervised. By setting rules about everything, for example behavior while with a sitter, or rules while swimming, children will understand what’s expected of them and the summer is more likely to progress smoothly and without accidents or safety and security hazards.

3.    Create a schedule. Often, since it is summer and children aren’t in school there isn’t a set schedule or routine, whether parents work or not, and this can lead to times that aren’t occupied meaning more opportunities for lapses in safety and security. Similarly to setting expectations, creating a schedule can be a way to reduce the possibility of accidents and allow both children and parents to enjoy summer without worry or concern.

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