Has Your Child Tried the Digital Coloring Game?

Has you child tried…My Mouse Can Color? This coloring game allows kids to use their mouse to color characters and scenes from the programs on “Can Do” Street.

My Mouse Can Color is a great game for practicing eye hand coordination.

In addition to the games on “Can Do” Street, there are 12 interactive programs your child can try that stress decision making for safety, sharing, friendship, nutrition, appropriate behavior, good eating habits and personal hygiene.

Downloads include coloring sheets and activity sheets that reinforce the program decision making content.

For teachers and parents there are activity guides ( lesson plans) for use with the programs. All “Can Do” Street games and programs are Smart Board Compatible.

Your child can start coloring by going to http://www.candostreet.com/coloring.php.




1,000s of Free Crafts, Lesson Plans and Educational Materials

Picture of the free can do street mall

If you are looking for free craft projects, lesson plans and educational materials for children 3-7 years, spend some time in the “Can Do” Street Mall checking out the Crafts/Games and Teaching Resources.

Take advantage of the free materials that are there for your use. The materials are the work of parents, grandparents, educators, recreation and crafts personnel.

Each week we add more resources, shared by individuals, organizations and companies with the hope that you will visit their sites and make use of the 1,000s of free materials that they offer.

There is no catch, no hidden costs to using the free materials you find on the sites that list in the mall.

Prior to listing each of the free sites in the mall, the staff of “Can Do” Street check out the content to make sure it is suitable for out audience of parents, teachers and other adults involved in the care of young children .

To list your site in either Crafts and Games or Teaching Resources the content must meet the following criteria:

  • Contain free resources suitable, in all or in part, for children 3-7 years
  • Resources must be easy to download and use

If you wish to list, please send the following information about your free site to jeanc@candostreet.com:

  • A brief description of your site
  • A logo, if you have one
  • Your URL address so that we may create an active link to your site

We look forward to having you visit the “Can Do” Mall where the resources are free and fun!


“Can Do” Street is Now a Free Site!

Bring your child or your class to “Can Do” Street and let them play the interactive, animated programs and games for free!  Download  the Parent/Teacher guidelines (lesson plans) for use with the programs. Print out activity sheets that reinforce the lessons found in each program. They are great for kids to use in between  computer sessions.

There are membership certificates and completion certificates that can be downloaded. Don’t forget to print out the dozens of coloring sheets of the “Can Do” Kids and adults. Check out the parent/teacher blog and the kids blog each time you visit to see what’s new on “Can Do” Street.

Each month a new activity, program or game will be added to the site. Email us with questions and suggestions at info@candostreet.com.

Please tell your friends, fellow teachers and parents to come to “Can Do” Street where young children get to practice making good choices!


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