Grandparents…Very Important People On “Can Do ” Street

“Can Do” Street programs feature grandparents as guides who often help the “Can Do” Kids make good choices. For those of us adults fortunate enough to have had loving grandparents that were a part of our growing up years the “Can Do” grandparents remind us of how safe and special we felt with them. For the young children becoming members of “Can Do” Street grandparents  share the lessons they learned over the years that can help children develop the skills to do well in many life situations.

The “Can Do” grandparents are active, involved adults. Some work, others volunteer but they all have time to spend with their grandchildren.

Meet the Grandparents!

Grandma Hattie and Grandpa Dooley are retired. They volunteer at the “Can Do’ Street Community Center two afternoons a week. Grandma Hattie  is the arts and crafts instructor and Grandpa Dooley directs the children’s orchestra. They have three “grandchildren: Nellie, Willie and Mickey. Nellie and Willie live with them while their mother is in the Army, serving overseas. Mickey lives with his parents  on “Can Do” Street.

Grandma Maureen and Grandpa John work in the food market they own on “Can Do” Street. Their  grandchildren Orrie, Kathy, Annie, Bobby and Arthur J visit them often. Once a week they all stop by the market, with friends on their way home from school and Grandpa John treats to ice cream.

Grandma Frances is an Emergency Services Technician(EMT) on the “Can Do” hospital ambulance. She volunteers at the community center teaching First Aid. Her grandchildren are Maria and Hector.

Grandma Sue is the director of the “Can Do” Community Center. After school, her grandchildren, Wendy and Yundi stay with her at the community center until their  mother and father pick them up after work.

Join us and see the “Can Do” grandparents in action!


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