Community Helpers Teach Life Lessons on “Can Do” Street

“Can Do” Street Programs use community helpers to reinforce the lessons of parents and grandparents on how to be safe, look good and feel good, eat well and develop the skills to  do well in school and social settings.

Coach Campbell,  as an instructor and coach at the “Can Do” Community Center, stresses the importance of daily exercise both indoors and outdoors. He engages the children using the programs on “Can Do” Street in decision-making around good sportsmanship, playing fair and being a team player.

Nurse Diane speaks to the “Can Do” Kids about food as the fuel to keep their bodies running well.

She also shares  how they can protect themselves from germs stressing the need for good personal hygiene.

Policewoman Paula is there when Nellie gets lost and can’t find her grandma. She stressed the need for children to carry identification, to know where they live and how to contact a parent or grandparent. Policewoman Paula reviews who are the safe people to go to when a child is lost or in trouble. when Yundi falls off his bike and gets hurt, she is there to see that he gets medical attention and to contact his family.

Teacher Pat teaches more them academics in “Can Do” Street School. She teaches appropriate school behavior. How to address an adult, sharing supplies, respecting the rights of others, taking turns,  being kind to classmates, safety practices, playground and bathroom behaviors are all part of her daily lesson plans.


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