“More Games” Are Now in the “Can Do” Club House

more gamesThere are more games, six new games to be exact, in the “Can Do” Club House courtesy of Grey Olltwit Educational Software, a nonprofit charitable organization in the UK.

The new games help the user develop mouse skills, tell time, use the alphabet, do basic math activities, learn the US states through putting together a jigsaw puzzle and improve eye hand coordination by playing air hockey.

Simon Hensby founded Grey Olltwit Educational Software in the 1990’s to provide free educational software to those on low incomes, especially in developing countries. Those who can afford to pay for membership and advertising revenue helps the organization to provide free memberships to those who cannot afford to pay.

Grey Olltwit Educational Software is used in schools and homes around the world. Large corporations like the BBC and Olympus USA use it as well as many education authorities in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Grey Olltwit programs are suitable for Whiteboards, Touch Screens and VLE’s (Virtual Learning Environments).

To access the games go to the “Can Do” Club House (click on the cloud that says club house¬† on the www.candostreet.com home page and click on the balloon that says More Games.)

To visit and enjoy the other programs and games on Grey Olltwit Education Software site go to www.greyolltwit.com


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