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The Three Little Pigs Poem

Monday, October 14th, 2013

pigsOn his last day in storytelling class with the “Can Dos”, Storyteller Bill shared a poem he wrote about The Three Little Pigs.

Before Storyteller Bill recited his poem, he reviewed all the things you can do with an existing  story. “Boys and girls,” he said,”you can make so many things out of a story that already exists. Why you can do what we have been doing during our time together. You can change the ending; you can add characters. You can make a story into a play and perform it on stage. Why you can make it into a poem! Here is one I wrote about the Three Little Pigs.”

Three Little Pigs with a Woof and a Tweet

Three Little Pigs with a Woof and a Tweet

They all got together for a holiday treat

With things they all like on one special night

And on days throughout the New Year

They shared things together in all kinds of weather

They tried to be good

And to be kind as they should

They shared things together

In all kinds of weather

And in days throughout the New Year

So take my advice

Try to be nice

And help out your sister and brother

Be kind in all things

Be happy and sing

Like three-little pigs

With a woof (woof woof)

And a tweet( tweet tweet)

And a Tweet (tweet tweet)

And a Woof (woof woof)


The “Can Dos” all clapped when Storyteller Bill finished his poem. Storyteller Bill smiled, took off his hat and bowed. “Remember boys and girls…there are so many things around you that are the makings of a good story. A trip to a new place, an event you saw on the street, something that happened to a friend are all things that can make a good story. You, as the storyteller, have to make it interesting so people listen to or read your story.

Well it is time for me to go. It has been great spending time with all of you.”  Hector cried out, “Don’t go. You’re fun. Stay and tell us more stories like the Three Little Pigs.”

“I wish I could, answered Storyteller Bill, “but there are other schools with other boys and girls who need to learn about storytelling. I am headed to a school not far from here. I’ll be looking for your stories in your school newsletter. So get busy writing your stories down. Who knows, you might be the official Can Do Street Storyteller some day!”

About Storyteller Bill: Bill Woods began storytelling as a young child. He put on plays for his sisters and brother, cousins and friends.  He would perform in front of his family’s garage. His father would turn on the car headlights and shine them on Bill as he performed. Bill Woods has spent a lifetime entertaining children and adults by telling stories and putting on plays. He is a member of the Heights Players, a Community Theater Group in Brooklyn Heights, NY where he began by designing sets, then moved on the directing and acting. After 30 some years in theater, he has returned to his childhood by writing and telling stories for children.

Bill describes himself as an old storyteller who is  young again in his heart!


The Three Little Pigs With a Woof and a Tweet Continued…

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

storytellingThe “Can Dos” couldn’t wait to see how Storyteller Bill finished the story about The Three Little Pigs.

They raced into the room where Storyteller Bill was waiting for them. They looked up and saw that half the blackboard was covered. The other half of the blackboard had the story of the Three Little Pigs with the changes Storyteller Bill had made last week.

As soon as the “Can Dos” were seated, Storyteller Bill reminded them that they left off with the story just as the Woof was coming down the street looking like grandma. The Woof was singing, “For food I am looking, that doesn’t need cooking. I need just a bite and a chew and a crunch. Something soft, or something fat for breakfast or dinner or lunch.”

Then Storyteller Bill, uncovered the rest of the story. Storyteller Bill asked Orrie to read the rest of the story to the group.  This is what Orrie read:

The Woof said to The Three Little Pigs, “I’ll blow off your roof, with a woof and a poof. I’ll knock down the walls with Ah Ha trick or treat!

So you’d better build strong, and do nothing wrong, or I ‘ll gobble you up, I’ll gobble you up, I’ll gobble you up for a song.”

The Three Little Pigs and Tweet built their houses. The 1st and 2nd Little Pigs were cold and not very comfortable. The 3rd Little Pig and Tweet, however, were warm and safe, because they built their house together. It was bigger and stronger.

“I’m back,” cried the Woof. “I smell pork chops in the air.” Tweet yelled, “It’s a Woof! It’s a Woof! It’s a Grandma Woof!

The 1st Little Pig said, “Go away fur ball.” The Woof answered, “No way! I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down to the last straw. So you might as well join me for breakfast.”

The 1st Little Pig answered, “Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin!” Then the Woof started huffing and puffing. The 1st Little Pig ran to the 2nd Little Pig’s house where they hid under a blanket.  Tweet saw what was happening, and flew to the 2nd Little Pig’s house calling out, “It’s  a Woof…a Woof…a Grandma Woof.

The Woof said, “You gotta be kidding—you built your house with sticks? I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down to the last stick.  So you might as well join me for breakfast.”

Pigs 1 and 2 answered, “Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin!” Then Pigs 1and 2, followed by Tweet, ran to the 3rd Little Pig’s house. Woof, dressed like grandma was not far behind them.  When Woof got to the house, he saw The Three Little Pigs and Tweet staring out the window, at him, all snug and safe  inside the house.

pigsWoof said, “Well this house at least has taste.  After all this huffing and puffing and woofing and poofing, I hope they taste good. I’m hungry. Trick or treat.” The Three Little Pigs and Tweet answered, “Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin!”

The Woof huffed and puffed but he couldn’t blow the house down. Just then a brick, from the house, fell on his head and knocked him out. The Three Little Pigs gathered round him trying to think of what to do. Just then, Woof sat up and said, “Where am I?  Who am I? The Pigs and Tweet answered, “Why, you are a Woof.”

The Woof asked, “What is a Woof!”

The 3rd Little Pig quickly answered, “Why you are a very special kind of a creature. You’re a vegetarian…you don’t eat meat! You just eat fruits, vegetables, grains and things made of dairy, like milk and cheese and ice cream.”

Woof answered, “Oh, I am a very hungry vegetarian with a bump on my head. Would you have something for me to eat?”

The Three Little Pigs and Tweet all answered at once. “We do; we have Halloween treats. Would you like to join us? All our treats are vegetarian.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” said the Woof.

Then the Three Little Pigs, and Tweet sat down on the ground and shared apples and nuts from their Halloween treats with Woof. Forever after that, the Woof  shared the forest with the Three Little Pigs and Tweet as their friend and neighbor.

The End!

Just as the “Can Dos” were clapping for Storyteller Bill’s version of the Three Little Pigs, and of course, for Orrie doing such a good job of reading the story, the bell rang. Time to go. The “Can Dos” wanted to know what they would do next week. Storyteller Bill smiled and said,”Hmm, how about a poem about The Three Little Pigs? And, how about we talk about how to make up a brand new story?”