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The Thanksgiving Quiz

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Miss Pat could see that the “Can Dos” were getting restless the closer it got to the Thanksgiving Day and a four-day weekend.

She decided to give the class a matching game Thanksgiving Quiz to see what they knew about Thanksgiving Day. She also thought it was a good way to help them build vocabulary while learning how to spell things related to Thanksgiving.

“Class,” said Miss Pat, “Go to your computers and go to the club house. Choose games and then choose Thanksgiving. Follow the directions and let’s see how well you do in matching the names of things to the pictures of things we are used to seeing for Thanksgiving. Be sure to check yourself out when you finish to see how many words and pictures you matched correctly.”

Boys and Girls, why don’t you play the Thanksgiving matching game along with the “Can Dos”. Just follow Miss Pat’s directions and see how much you know about Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving from “Can Do” Street!