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Stay Healthy This Summer

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Nurse Diane speaks about summer heat“Good morning,” said Nurse Diane, as she smiled at the “Can Dos” all sitting together in the community center auditorium. “It certainly is hot out today” said Nurse Diane. “What can we do to stay healthy on summer days that are very warm”?

Orrie raised his hand and when called on said, “Drink lots of water during the summer. Not soda or juices with sugar in them, jut lots and lots of water. Our bodies need lots of water to stay healthy and for us to feel good in the hot weather.” Nurse Diane nodded and said, “Very good Orrie, you are right.”

Willie raised his hand and asked, “Do I have to wear sun screen lotion? I hate how it feels, and my grandma puts more on me every time I come out of the water. Besides, I have dark skin and probably won’t burn.”  Miss Diane answered, “You have a very smart grandma. You do need to put more lotion on when you come out of the water.You will get a burn without sun screen and it will really hurt ad you won’t feel very well.”

Willie looked surprised but as he sat down he turned to Hector and said, “I guess if I want to stay healthy this summer, I better let grandma put all that lotion on me.”

Nurse Diane asked, “What else do we need to put on us when we are playing outdoors”? Kathy and her hand and said, “I got so many bug bites last year. This year I am going to let my mom put bug spray on me.” The “Can Dos”all chuckled and Nurse Diane said, “Good idea, Kathy, bug bites are no fun and some bites can even make us sick.”

Maria raised her hand and said, “We need to wear a hat to protect our head, our face, and our eyes from the sun.” Nurse Diane nodded yes and then Arthur J raised his hand, saying, “I have very fair skin so I have to wear a tee shirt when I am in the water.”  Nurse Diane answered, “That is a very good idea, Arthur J.”

“What are good snacks to eat during the hot weather,” asked Nurse Diane.  Eulyn raised her hand and said, “Fruits like melon and berries are good and so are frozen real-fruit bars.” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Nurse Diane said,”You are all summer-smart. You know how to stay healthy so you can continue to have fun this summer.”

Are you going to have a healthy summer?


Summer Fun…Summer Safety

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

School is out and summer fun is in!

The “Can Do” Kids love  summer but some of them don’t always practice summer safety.

Nellie and Annie are going to the beach with their friends from the recreation center but they forgot something…sunscreen. Should they ask Miss Sue, the director of the rec center who is taking them on the trip, if they can have some of her sunscreen?

The beach doesn’t have any shade and the sun hurts Annie’s eyes. Circle what she can do…Put on sun glasses…wear a hat with a brim.

Annie wants to play ball in the sand, but it is very hot, Should she keep her sandals on?   Circle what Annie should do…Yes…No.

Nellie wants to go into the water, but there is no life guard on duty. Should she go into the water, or should she wait until the life guard comes on duty?

Willie and Yundi love to fool around in the water Sometimes they play too rough. They hold each others’  heads under the water. Is this practicing summer safety?

summerYundi and Willie eat their lunches very fast and want to go into the water right after eating. Is this OK?summer

After swimming, Willie, Yundi, Annie and Nellie head up to to the boardwalk, but they don’t tell Miss Sue where they are going. In fact, they don’t get her permission to go. Is this practicing summer safety?

What should they have done? What would you have done?

Do you do things to be safe at the beach during the summer?


What are You Going to Do This Summer?

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

goingThe classroom was warm. It was almost time to be going home and the “Can Do” Kids were restless and hot. Teacher Pat called the class to order, saying, “It’s almost summer. Let’s go around the room and share what we are all going to do over the summer. Willie, you start.”

Willie said, “I’m going to day camp at the community center.” Hector shared, “I’m going too.” Maria, Nellie, Eulyn, Orrie and Mickey all yelled out that they were going to the day camp too.

Jay shared that he was going to visit his grandparents on the Indian reservation in Dakota. Yundi and Wendy said they were going to China to spend the summer with their grandparents.

Annie could hardly stay in her seat she was so excited to share where she was going. “Okay, Annie, it is your turn,”  said Miss Pat.

Annie said, “I am so excited. my grandma, Grandma Maureen, won four tickets for a cruise to Canada. She is going to take Kathy and Arthur J and me with her as a reward for us getting such good grades this year.”!

Miss Pat smiled and said, “What a nice reward for doing well in school. It sounds like you all have some very nice things to do this summer.”

Orrie raised his hand and asked, “What will you be doing Miss Pat”? Miss Pat answered, “I will be take some classes, going to the beach and visiting friends.”

With that, the dismissal bell rang and the children got up to go. Miss Pat reminded them that Coach Campbell and Nurse Diane would be coming in to talk with them about being safe over the summer and that she would have their required reading list ready for them in a few days.