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The “Can Do” Kids Recycle

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

The following guest post about the need to recycle comes from  Laura Scott, webmaster for the Toymaker of Williamsburg.

bottle to recycle“Bobby, why are you throwing that water bottle in the trash?You should always recycle plastic, glass, and paper products.”Maria said.

“Why Maria? It’s all trash. Who cares if I throw it away or recycle it,” said Bobby.

“Chipmunks and squirrels and birds care,” answered Maria. She continued saying, “Every time you recycle, you save a part of nature.”

“What? How does recycling do that, Maria?” asked Bobby.

“Everything that we use comes from something. Paper and wood products come from trees and most plastic comes from wood or oil. To get paper or plastic we need to cut down trees and those trees are home to chipmunks and squirrels and birds. But if we recycle, we can save some of those trees! If we recycle, people can use our trash to make something useful for someone else. Every time we recycle we save trees, and we save chipmunk and squirrel and bird homes.

Paper, cardboard, and bottles like that water bottle can be used to make things that people really need. All kinds of things can be made from recycled stuff.  When you recycle plastic, it can be used to make things like that fleece jacket you’re wearing or even a bench at the park. When you recycle paper, it can be used to make other paper products; you’re probably even using some at your house right now!”

“O wow, I had no idea, I think I’ll recycle this bottle.”

“That’s a great idea, Bobby,” Maria said.