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The “Can Do” Kids Know at Home Fire Safety; Do You?

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Take the quiz below with a parent and see how much you know about what to do in case of a home fire.

The Home Fire Safety Quiz Part 1

1.       Does your family have a plan for being safe if a fire broke out in your house/apt?__________

2.       How will you get out of the house/apt?__________________________________________

3.       Do you have at least two ways of getting out of the house/apt to safety?

4.       Where will you meet up with your family?________________________________________

Part 2

5.       Circle where you need smoke detectors in your home:  top of stairs   bedrooms   basement  closet   back door

6.       Circle how often you need to test you smoke alarms: 1x a wk  1x a month  1x every 6 mos.

7.       Circle how often you need to change the batteries in your smoke alarms: 1x per mo.  1x per year

8.       Where do you need a fire extinguisher?____________________________________________

9.       Do you need/can you use a ladder rope to get to safety?______________________________

10.   What room(s) need a ladder rope?________________________________________________

11.   Do you practice home fire drills?__________________________________________________

12.   Why is having a fire drill in the evening the best time to have a drill?_____________________

Be sure to check our next post when we look at how you can help to keep your home or apartment safe by finding and fixing any fire hazards you might have in your home.