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Grandpa John, What Games Did You Play In the Olden Days?

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

It was a snowy Saturday on “Can Do” Street and very, very cold. Some of the “Can Do” Kids were at Orrie’s for a play date since the snow was too deep for Orrie to get around outside in his wheelchair.

Grandpa John and Grandpa Dooley were hanging out with the “Can Do”s, reading stories and playing table games when Hector asked, “Grandpa John, what games did you play in the olden days”? The grandpas looked at one another and smiled. “Shall we tell them how we had fun, John, when we were there age”, asked Grandpa Dooley. “You mean before there was TV and computer games, and DVDs”,  replied Grandpa John.

“Okay”, said Grandpa John,”It’s almost time for all of you to go home for supper, but we can talk about the games today and the next time we are together we can go downstairs to the  playroom and try out some of these games.”

Grandpa Dooley began, “Who knows how to play Ringoleaveo”? The “Can Do” faces went blank . “What about Scully”? Again blank faces. “What about Hit the Stick, Marbles, Statues “? Orrie started bouncing in his chair and saying, “I know about marbles”!

Grandpa Dooley smiled and said, “OK, next time we meet you can show us your marble game and then we will show you how we played marbles.”

Just then the doorbell rang. It was Grandma Frances to pick up Hector. “Ohhh, just when it was getting good, I have to leave”, said Hector.

Grandpa John smiled and said, “I promise that the next time you come to play we will begin with marbles and then after that, each play date we will learn to play one of the “Olden Days” games. In the mean time, ask your grandpas what they remember playing. Be sure to ask your grandmas what they played as young girls, because boys and girls often played different games.”

OK boys and girls…start asking your grandparents what they played. Be sure to visit our next post when we will have marble games to share!