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I Don’t Think I’m Old Enough for a Puppy.

Friday, September 8th, 2017

image of Beagle puppyWhen Willie, Hector and Bobby arrived in homeroom class all they could talk about was Coach Campbell’s new puppy. They got the rest of the class all excited about puppies and having pets.

Teacher Pat, decided to use this conversation to talk about responsibility. Pets are a big responsibility and she didn’t think the “Can Dos” knew just how much of a responsibility they are, especially puppies.

“Class, pets are wonderful. Puppies and grown up dogs and kittens and cats make great companions. But…they are living things that need care. Just like you, they need to be fed and given water at certain times. They can’t do this for themselves.

They also need other things, like trips to the the vet, which is their kind of doctor to keep them healthy.

Let’s talk about a puppy. Coach Campbell told you that a puppy needs to be walked several times a day until he or she get older. Otherwise there will be accidents. A puppy need to be trained to behave, never hit, but trained by someone who knows how to train a puppy, or learns how to train a puppy.A puppy need to learn to follow commands such as …sit…stay…down.

Puppies need lots of exercise. They need to run and to play and they need lots of affection.”

Teacher Pat could see by the looks on the “Can Dos” faces that they still wanted to ask their parents about a puppy.  So she asked the big question,”Are you willing to get up a half hour earlier every day to walk your puppy in the rain and the snow and the cold weather, not just on sunny days?” A look of concern came over  some of the “Can Dos” faces.

“Are you ready to walk your puppy again after school, and before bed? Are you willing to clean up after him if he has an accident in the house?

Who will train your puppy to behave? Who will walk your puppy when you are in school? Will you give up after school activities to go home and walk your puppy?”

Now most of the class looked concerned.

Then Miss Pat said,”If this is your puppy, than you are responsible for him, not your mom, or your dad, or your older brother or sister…you are responsible.”

Hector raised his hand. When Miss Pat called on him he said,”I sure would like to have a puppy to play with from time to time, but I don’t think I’m old enough for a puppy, yet.” Most of the other “Can Do’s were nodding their heads in agreement.

Miss Pat smiled and said, “Good thinking, Hector. Getting a pet is a big commitment. Waiting untill you are a bit older, and can really take care of a puppy is the right idea.”


Delmar Goes to Daycare

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Hector and Bobby catch up to Coach Campbell on their way to school and say, “Hey Coach, how are you? How is Delmar?”

“Oh, Delmar is just fine. He goes to puppy day care now,” answers Coach. Hector says, “Daycare, you mean like what my little brother goes to?”

“Well,” says Coach, “kind-a-sort-a, a little bit, yeah…it is a place where you can go and exercise and play, and have someone keep an eye on you so you stay safe. Puppies, like little brothers, can have some bad ideas, and if not watched, they can hurt themselves.”

“So what is Delmar’s day like? Yeah, tell us,” asks Hector.

“We get up early. The van comes by to pick up Delmar at 5:45 AM. Then he goes for a ride in the van, picking up other dogs that are also going to doggie daycare. There are about 10 or so dogs in the van by the time they get to the place,” says Coach.


Bobby whistles and says, “Wow, that’s a lot of dogs. Then what?”Coach nods, saying, “Then, well, they play. They run, and bark, and wrestle, and have fun.”

“Wow that sounds like a lot of fun,” adds Hector. “Is there lunch?” Coach can’t keep from smiling because he knows how important food is to Hector. He answers, “Not at first, but he gets a lunch now. He gets the lunch that I pack for him. See, we get up real early, and Delmar has gotten car sick before, so no breakfast. With such a busy day, and no lunch, he was losing weight. So, now he gets a baggie of puppy kibble and ground up doggie treats, looks sort of like a crumbled up oatmeal bar.”

Bobby looks thoughtful for a moment and then says,”Delmar must be real tired when he gets home. What time does he get home?”Coach agrees that Delmar is very tired when he gets home, which usually is around 5 PM. Coach adds that all Delmar really wants to do is sleep when he gets home; he says, “Later on, he gets up and has some dinner, and you can tell just by the way he is moving, kind-a slow, just a little bit of stiffness in his walk, he had a busy day.”


Hector sighs and says, “I wish Delmar could tell us about what his day is like.”

Coach smiles and nods his head saying, “So do I, but what happens at doggie day care, stays at doggie day care. He doesn’t tell any stories, but he sure does look happy.”

Story by: Ned Campbell, a teacher and coach in Brooklyn, NY