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Orrie Wants to Play a Sport

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

playing a sportOrrie wants to play a sport. What sports can he play from his wheelchair? Are there sports and activities he can do without his wheelchair?

All the other “Can Do” Kids play a sport and Orrie wants to play a sport too. He plays basketball with his dad in the back of his house but that’s not the same as being on a team and playing against other teams.

Orrie was sitting around with some of his buddies, asking them what they thought he could do.

Hector suggested that he talk to Coach Campbell about what other kids do who use a wheelchair and want to play a sport.

Orrie thought that was a good idea, so he wheeled himself down to coach’s office and made an appointment to see him. When he met with Coach Campbell he shared his feelings, saying, “I want to be like my friends. I want to play a team sport and have my family and friends come root for me.”

“Well Orrie,” said Coach Campbell, “I can understand your wanting to be like your friends and play a playing a sportsport but you need to like a sport if you hope to do well at it. Let’s talk about what sports you think you might like. Then we can talk about how you can try them out to see which one you really like.”

Orrie sort of nodded, then said, “First, I have to find out what sports I can play from my chair and where there are teams that play those sports.” Coach Campbell said, “Let’s begin at the beginning. Let’s take a look at what sports can be played from a wheelchair. Let’s invite our readers to pick out what sports can be played from a wheelchair.”

Help Orrie to play a sport by picking out the sports that kids who use wheelchairs can play. Circle the sports you think Orrie could play:

volleyball                basketball                   archery                 bowling                     hockey              shuffleboard

Answer – If you circled all the sports, you would be right!”

“Orrie,” said Coach Campbell, “Next time we get together I will have places we can visit to see these sports being played. We need to let you try out the ones that look good to you. We also need talk about sports that you can be part of out of your chair like horseback riding and competitive swimming.”

Orrie left Coach Campbell’s office feeling confident that he was going to get to play a sport.