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Painting with Pudding

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Bobby, Kathy and Annie were all set to spend the afternoon at Grandma Maureen’s using the paint by numbers kits that she gave them for Christmas. Then Grandma Maureen reminded them that their young cousin, Billy was coming over and they needed to mind him while she made supper. “Oh no,” said Bobby, ” He’s too little to have around while we paint. He’ll ruin everything”! Kathy said, “It’s not fair Grandma. Billy gets into everything.”

Grandma said, “Fair or not, he’s coming. Let’s figure out what we can give him to do.” Annie said, “I know, I know what he can do and we can all still paint. Remember when were toddlers and you let us paint with pudding, Grandma Maureen”? Grandma Maureen smiled and said, “Great idea, Annie. Let’s cover the dining room table with a plastic cloth and then you can get out the construction paper.”

When Billy arrived, Bobby told him how they were all going to paint, even him. Billy was thrilled. Grandma Maureen brought in a box of instant vanilla pudding, a large bowl and two cups of milk. Kathy helped Billy pour the milk.  Annie helped him mix the pudding until it got thick. Kathy set out four small bowls and guided Billy’s hand as he scooped pudding into each bowl.

Billy got to choose the colors he wanted from the bottles of food coloring…red, green,yellow and orange. Bobby helped him squeeze just the right amount of coloring in each dish of pudding and stir the pudding in each bowl until it was just the right color.

Grandma asked Annie to draw or trace an outline of some things that Billy could fill in with pudding paint.

It was a great afternoon! Billy loved painting at the table with the other kids and didn’t pester them while they painted.

Most importantly, when he put the pudding paint in his mouth, no problem!