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Name Card Crafts

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Eulyn raised her hand and when Miss Hattie called on her she said, “I have a project for the preschool crafts class that is both practical and fun.

I brought a sample with me to show you and the class. May I tell you about it and show you the sample”?

Miss Hattie smiled and answered saying, “Of course Eulyn, we would all like to hear and see what you brought in as a project for my crafts class”  Eulyn beamed and said, “This is a craft for the first day of camp that will help the teachers and the volunteers quickly get to know the children’s names without having to ask them all the time.

I’m talking about name tags that the children can make in crafts class and wear in all their other classes and activities.”

the crafts class will make decorated name tagsEulyn held up a name tag that was decorated all around the edges with small stickers and had a space in the middle for a child’s name. She said, “In the first crafts class on the Monday of Spring Camp, each child would be given 5 name tags, the kind that you wear right on your clothes; a nontoxic magic marker, and enough small stickers to decorate 5 cards. Those boys and girls who already print can put their names in the middle of their cards.  Volunteers will help those boys and girls who don’t, as yet, print to write their names on their cards.

Doing five cards will keep the boys and girls busy for the whole crafts class and they will each have a new name card for every day of camp.” Eulyn smiled and sat down.

The class clapped and Miss Hattie said, “I like your idea Eulyn. You’re right, it is practical and the children will be very proud to wear the tags. It will definitely make things a lot easier for the teachers. Now they don’t have to keep looking up a child’s name on the attendance sheet”!

Just then Annie raised her hand and said, “Miss Hattie, I have a craft that is fun to make and then you can eat it.” Miss Hattie looked pleased and answered, ” Sounds good, Annie, but you will need to wait to tell us about it until the next crafts class because we are almost out of time.

See you all in our next crafts class.”