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Counting by 5s

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

countingMiss Pat noticed the “Can Dos” were getting tired of all the counting exercises she was giving them to do. She decided to make a few counting games they could do on the computer.

The counting games were not as easy to do as the “Can Dos” thought they would be but they were more fun than doing counting problems on paper.

The counting games are all about putting the numbers in the right order. It took some of the “Can Dos” longer than others to get the counting games right.

Guess who was first to finish the counting games and to get them right? Nope, not Orrie but Annie. She is really good at counting!

Why don’t you try? Go to The “Can Do” Club House and choose games, then choose…counting by 5s.



A Math Quiz

Friday, February 17th, 2012

It was the day before a 3-day weekend. The “Can Dos” were having a hard time focusing on school work. Most were thinking about what they were going to do with three days off!

Miss Pat had already reviewed what President’s Day was all about. They spent time talking about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and all that they did for America.

So…now what thought Miss Pat. Then she remembered the math game she put on the computers.

“Class,” said Miss Pat, time for a math quiz.” Several of the “Can Dos” let out groans and moans.

“That’s enough,” said Miss Pat. “Go to your computers and let’s get started. Today’s math quiz is about the 2x table and adding one.”

Why don’t you play along. Just go to the “Can Do” Club House, choose games and choose times table +1.

Good luck with the math quiz!