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Jump Rope Isn’t Just for Girls!

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

jump rope“Jump rope is not just for girls; boys jump rope too.” said Kathy.

“Jump rope is sissy. It’s just for girls,” said Hector. “Not true,” said Teacher Pat.

The class was discussing things to do at recess when the weather gets nicer and it was possible to play in the school yard. Teacher Pat called on Kathy to talk about jump rope since that is her favorite thing to do, and she is very good at it. “Kathy, please  tell the class about the history of jump rope and who jumps rope,” asked Miss Pat.

Kathy answered, “I’d be glad to Miss Pat. According to the Jump Rope Institute, jumping rope dates back to 1600 B.C. It began in Egypt.

Grown ups jump rope for exercise and to get fit. Fighters and wrestlers are just a few of the adults who use jump rope to prepare for a match. Some women use jump rope to lose weight and get in shape. Most grown ups do single jumping with one person holding the handles of the rope, swinging  it over his or her head and jumping over the rope before it touches the ground. With that, Kathy shows the class how it is done.

When you see the girls jumping in the school yard, we jump rope one of two ways. First, two girls hold the rope at each end and turn it and one girl jumps in. She jumps until she misses or gets tired, whatever comes first. The second way, and it is harder, is to jump Double Dutch.  To play Double Dutch you need two ropes and two girls, one at each end of the ropes that are  strong enough to turn the ropes, each  in the opposite direction, while one girl jumps rope.  Sometimes it’s fun to sing rhyming songs while we jump.

That’s all I know about jump rope,” said Kathy. “Thank you, Kathy,” said Miss Pat. The class clapped and then Maria raised her hand and waited for Miss Pat to call on her. When she did, Maria challenged the boys to a jump rope match against the girls during recess in the gym.  What could they say? They had to accept now that they knew that jump rope was for everybody, not just girls.

Well, how do you think the boys did in the jump rope match? How do you think you would do in a jump rope match?


Kathy Scraped Her Knee, Now She Has a Big Scab

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Kathy was standing outside the nurse’s office at summer camp waiting for Nurse Diane to look at her knee.

Just then Bobby walked by with some of the other campers. Bobby noticed  the big red spot on Kathy’s knee .

That thing on your knee really looks yucky, Kathy,” said Bobby.

Kathy has a hurt kneeKathy started to sniffle and answered, “I fell while jumping rope. I don’t understand. I never fall. I’m really good at jumping rope.”

Just then the door opened and Nurse Diane came out and said, “Why Kathy, what’s wrong? Did you fall and scrape your knee? Come inside and I will take a look at it and clean it up for you.”

Kathy followed Nurse Diane into the nurse’s office. Nurse Diane got some medicine out of the closet. She cleaned off the scrape and got ready to put the medicine on it when Kathy asked, “How come my knee isn’t bleeding like when I cut my finger? Bobby’s right, it looks yucky. What does it have on it?”

Nurse Diane smiled and said, “Your knee probably bled some when you fell, but not the way it would if you fell on a sharp edge and cut yourself. You didn’t cut your knee, you scraped your knee and now a scab is forming on it.”

Kathy looked confused and asked, “What’s a scab?” Nurse Diane answered saying, “A scab is how our body  protects our skin after we get a scrape by forming a hard crust over the area that is hurt and bleeding.  The scab lets the skin underneath heal.”

Kathy asked Nurse Diane how long the scab would stay on her knee. Nurse Diane told her it would fall off in a week or so and her knee would look as good as new.

Kathy smiled and thanked Nurse Diane. Just as she was leaving Nurse Diane called after her, “Remember Kathy, don’t pick that scab or you may get a scar on your knee. Let that scab sit there until  it comes off on its own and it will!”


Can You Name The “Can Do”Kids?

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Can you name the “Can Do” Kids?

A “Can Do” Quiz:

Who rides a bike?

Who is best at ping pong?

Who plays the saxophone?

Who loves to skateboard?

Who is the best at jumping rope?

Who plays a great game of basketball?

What is the dog’s name?

Does the dog have a job?

Does the cat have a name?


Most of the “Can Do” Kids are Physically Fit…How About You?

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Annie plays basketball and  Hector skateboards. Jay is a pro at ping pong and Nellie and Kathy jump rope. Yundi and Wendy ride bikes. Maria walks a mile every day.  Willie and Jay play baseball in the warm weather and ice skate in winter. Orrie uses a wheelchair but that doesn’t stop him from being physically fit. He swims and  plays wheelchair basketball.

What do you do to stay physically fit?

On “Can Do” Street the kids limit their time watching TV and playing video and computer games to one hour a day. They play outdoors when the weather is nice for about an hour after school and a couple of hours each day on the weekend. They do their homework before they watch TV or use the computer. They also have time for chores like setting the table or emptying the trash, or feeding a pet. Playing nicely with a brother or sister is also something they do.

How do you spend your time after school and on weekends?

To be physically fit you need to be active. SO…be a “Can Do” Kid…figure out what activity you like and then go do it!