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The Surprise

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Every Saturday, when the “Can Dos” came to the Community Center, they would hear lots of construction noise coming from behind the building. Sometimes they would peer out the window but all they could see was an 8 foot high fence all around a very big field that had never been used for anything before.

Every time they asked Miss Sue, the Community Center Director, what was going on she would smile and answer, “It’s a surprise. You will see it soon enough.

The “Can Dos” would spend their lunch hour trying to guess what it might be. They would ask the other teachers, but nobody would give away the surprise.

Then the invitations arrives at their homes. Everyone in the family was invited to the grand unveiling of the surprise. Wow! It was to happen in the evening, at 7:30 PM and afterwards there would be cocoa and cookies. The “Can Dos” could hardly contain themselves. They were so excited!

Finally the big night arrived. Everyone gathered around the big fence and waited for the surprise to appear. All of a sudden the sides of the fence came down and there was the most beautiful ice skating rink they had ever seen! Wow…what a surprise!

Everyone who wanted to got to go inside and put on brand new rental skates and try out the rink.

Later, when having refreshments, Miss Sue announced that everyone who was a member of the community center could skate for free. There would be lessons for those who wanted to learn how to skate and special sessions for kids of all ages and for adults.

On the walk home Annie asked Grandma Maureen if it was too late to change what she wanted for Christmas. Was there still time for Santa to pack some skates for her?  Grandma Maureen winked at Grandpa John and suggested that Annie write the letter that very night!

All the “Can Dos” agreed…it was just about the best surprise ever!