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Dinosaur Show and Tell

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

The “Can Do” Kids were all excited about theĀ  trip they just took to the dinosaur exhibit at the museum. They wanted to talk about what they saw and ask more questions about dinosaurs.

Orrie raised his hand and when Miss Pat called on him he asked, “Can we study more about dinosaurs this week”? Miss Pat answered, “That’s a good idea, but first I want to see how much you all got out of our trip today. So, tomorrow we are going to have dinosaur show and tell. Here are the rules for show and tell: write a story about dinosaurs, draw a picture, or make a dinosaur. The student with the most original show and tell will win the book I bought at the museum about dinosaurs.”

All the way home the “Can Do”s talked about what they would do for show and tell. Wendy said she would write about what she saw at the museum. Kathy thought she would draw a picture of a dinosaur. Orrie shared that he was going to do research on the Internet and write about what dinosaurs ate. Willie wasn’t sure, but he thought he might make a collage out of dinosaur pictures. Hector was strangely quiet. When Jay asked him what he was planning to do for show and tell Hector said, “It’s a surprise. You just have to wait until tomorrow to see what I am doing for show and tell.”

Be sure to come back on Thursday to find out what Hector did for show and tell and who won the book !

In the meantime…think about what you would do for a Dinosaur Show and Tell.