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Pre-K Games for Spring Camp Began with Crunch and Toss

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Miss Sue asked Jay to come to the front of the room and demonstrate to the Pre-K campers how to play Crunch and Toss.

As Jay walked to the front of the room he was carrying 3 paper plates and some sheets of different colored paper.  When he got to the front of the room he placed the white paper plates on one of the  tables the campers use for crafts.

The campers saw the numbers on the three plates…10…20…30. Jay placed the plates close to one another, but not too close. Then he put down 6 sheets of paper in two different colors.

He turned to the campers and said, “Crunch and Toss is played in teams of two. Since we have 10 campers, that’s five teams. Miss Sue please help form the teams and give them each a table to play on.”

crunch and toss is a game played with paper plates, and colored paperOnce this was done, Jay gave each team, at each table, 3 paper plates with the numbers 10, 20, 30 on them and 3 sheets of one color of  paper and 3 sheets of a different color. Then Jay said, “First you take your sheets of paper and you crunch them into a ball for tossing on to the plates. Each camper gets three turns to score 50 points. The camper who scores 50 points first is the winner. If neither camper scores 50 points, on their first 3 tries, they play until one of them wins. I will keep score for the game. “

Then Jay asked Bobby and Kathy and Hector and Maria and Orrie to each take a table and a team and help the campers to play Crunch and Toss by crunching  their sheets of  paper into balls and tossing the paper balls into the plates.

At first, some of the campers had a hard time aiming and landing on the plates when they tossed their paper balls, but soon they were scoring and having fun. Before they knew it the games session of Crunch and Toss was over and it was time for the campers to move on to the next activity.