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The Statue of Liberty

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

“Wake up children before you miss the Statue of Liberty. We will be passing her by in just 10 minutes,” said Grandma Maureen.

Arthur J, Annie and Kathy, rubbed their eyes trying to wake up fast and ran to the balcony . Off ahead they saw the Statue of Liberty just as she looked in pictures. “Let’s take a picture for show and tell in school,” said Kathy. ” Good idea, ” said Grandma Maureen as she ran for her camera.

picture of the statue of libertyThey all stood in awe of the statue as they passed in front of her.

“Can any of you tell me who gave us the Statue of Liberty,” asked grandma.

Arthur J, Annie and Kathy all thought for a minute. Then Annie said, “If Orrie was here, he’d know the answer.” Grandma Maureen laughed and said, “You are right. He would know, but he isn’t here so I will tell you. The Statue of Liberty is a gift from France. They gave it to us in friendship to welcome immigrants and visitors to America when they come through New York Harbor.

“I think the Statue of Liberty is welcoming us home,” said Annie. Grandma said, “What a nice thought, Annie. We went to another country and now we are home.”

Once they past the statue they all returned to their room, looking a bit sad. Soon they would dock in New York harbor. “I wish the trip wasn’t over,” said Kathy. Arthur J added, “I will miss the friends I made in cruise camp.” Annie looked at both of them and said, “Hey, we had a great time didn’t we”?

Grandma Maureen smiled at her grandchildren saying,” It’s natural to be sad when something we enjoyed is over, but we have so many stories and pictures to share with all our friends and families back on “Can Do” Street. Arthur J you can email your cruise friends, can’t you”? Arthur smile,”Yes, grandma, I got their addresses at the kids camp going away party last night.”

Just before they got ready to leave the ship Arthur J, Kathy and Annie each gave grandma a big hug and thanked her for a wonderful trip.

Soon they were on the bus heading towards the airport and the plane that would take them home to “Can Do” Street.


Anne of Green Gables

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Grandma Maureen was standing on the balcony smiling as she watched the ship docking at Prince Edward Island. Why are you smiling, grandma,” asked Arthur J as he joined her on the balcony. “Yeah, why are you smiling,” asked Annie as she stepped out to see the ship come along side the dock.

Anne of Green GablesEver since I was a little girl I’veĀ  wanted to see Prince Edward Island and now I am here,” answered grandma. “Here is where my favorite childhood story took place. Oh, it wasn’t a true story, it was fiction, but the author used the places and the things and the people as they were in 1878 on Prince Edward IslandĀ  to tell a story about an orphan girl that comes to live here. The orphan girl is Annie Shirley and the book is Anne of Green Gables. It was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery who used her own childhood memories growing up in rural Prince Edward Island to write the book. Since it was published, in 1908, it has sold over 50 million copies.”

“I never heard of it , grandma,” said Arthur J. Grandma looked sad for a moment and said, “That’s too bad. When I was a girl Anne of Green Gables was required reading for school.”

Well, no matter, you will learn all about Anne of Green Gables today from our tour and walking around Prince Edward Island. Our first stop on the tour is Green Gables where Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author, grew up. So hurry and get dressed so we can have breakfast and get off the ship and start learning about Anne of Green Gables.”

After the tour of Green Gables, grandma took Arthur J, Kathy and Annie on a walking tour of Charlottetown, the main city on Prince Edward Island. There, on one of the corners in the downtown area was a store totally devoted to Anne of Green Gables. It had books and DVDS, music, clothes and, of course, dolls. They had a great time exploring the store for over an hour.

Arthur J took Kathy and Annie aside when grandma wasn’t looking and asked the girls to keep grandma busy while he bought her an the original story of Anne of Green Gables. The girls took grandma over to another section of the store and Arthur J bought the book with spending money his parents gave him for the trip. He hid it in his backpack.

Later that night, just before bed, Annie asked grandma to read them a story. “I don’t have any books with me,” said grandma. Arthur J reached into his backpack and pulled out the gift-wrapped book.

Grandma’s eye’s misted over as she opened the package and saw the book…Anne of Green Gables. She hugged and thanked her grandchildren for their thoughtfulness and said, “Under the covers you go, children. Where are my glasses? It is time to return to an earlier time and join Annie Shirley in her new life on Prince Edward Island.

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