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It’s Cruise Day!

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Arthur J, Kathy and Annie were so excited as they made their way into the cruise terminal with Grandma Maureen.

Their cruise ship looked so tall and long to them !

The night before their parents saw them off at “Can Do” Airport. They flew to New York City where they spent the night in a hotel. It was their first time on a plane and they loved it! They watched a movie and had a snack on the plane.

When they got in the cruise terminal, they had to go through a security check. Then they had their pictures taken and were given an ID card to wear on board.

When they got on the cruise ship they couldn’t believe their eyes! It was beautiful! Their stateroom had a small sitting area, bathroom, refrigerator, TV and bedroom area with four beds and an outside balcony. Kathy said, “I love this cruise already.”

Everyone quickly unpacked so they could have lunch in the buffet restaurant. For dinner they would go to the dining room. Kathy said, “Grandma, you went over dining room manners, but what do we need to know about eating in the buffet restaurant”?  Grandma Maureen thought a moment and said, ” Just use you school cafeteria manners and you will be fine.” Arthur J looked nervous and said, ” Um, my cafeteria manners aren’t so good. Please tell me what I should and shouldn’t do.”

Grandma Maureen sat Arthur J, Kathy and Annie down and went over the following manners for cruise buffet dining:

  • Get on line at the end of the line and don’t cut in line
  • Don’t jump ahead of someone as they are selecting their food; wait your turn
  • Take only what you think you can eat;you can always go back for more if you are still hungry
  • Once you put food on your plate you cannot put it back on the serving dish
  • After you get what you want, wait for each other and we will all find a table together
  • If you go back for seconds, get a clean plate; don’t use the plate you just finished eating from
  • Don’t look for napkins and utensils; they will be at the table when we get there
  • Don’t look for something to drink; when we sit down the waiter will get us what we want to drink

The “Can Dos” were amazed to see all the foods they had to choose from in the cruise buffet…salads, fruits, sandwiches, hot meals, breads, cakes and cookies.  They tried a little bit of everything and then went out to the ice cream bar and got cones.

After lunch they signed up for a crafts activity and Grandma Maureen took a nap. After the craft session, they all went swimming and then back to their room to change for dinner.

Soon it was time to use their cruise dining room manners. They were seated with a grandma and grandpa traveling with their grandchildren, Billy and Julie who turned out to be around the same age as Kathy, Annie and Arthur J . By the time dinner was over, they were all friends. The kids went to an evening movie in the kids cruise camp and Grandma Maureen went to a show in the theater with her new friends from dinner.

That night, as the kids were falling asleep, they all thanked Grandma Maureen. Arthur J spoke for Kathy and Annie when he said, I can’t wait until tomorrow. Taking a cruise is the best!”

To Be Continued…


Cruise Manners

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Grandma Maureen invited Kathy and Annie and Arthur J for dinner to talk about the cruise they were going to take together.

Grandma Maureen is so excited about winning a cruise for four to Canada. She’s thrilled to be able to treat her three grandchildren as a reward for their good grades. She wants to make sure they know what to expect on a cruise and know picture of grandma Maureenhow they need to behave.

Grandma Maureen set the table the way it would be in the dining room on the cruise ship and she played the part of the waiter.

Arthur J, Kathy and Annie practiced how to order from the menu that Grandma Maureen made for them. During dinner they brushed up on their table manners to make sure they knew when to use what fork during meals. Grandma gently reminded her grandchildren to; cover their mouths when they burped and say excuse me, not talk with their mouths full, and cut their food in bite size pieces before trying to eat it.

“Remember children, the two magic words…please and thank you,” said Grandma Maureen. Arthur J, Kathy and Annie nodded in agreement.

While her grandchildren ate ice cream and cookies as their treat, Grandma Maureen shared about cruise camp where they would meet other children their age, play games, go swimming, see movies and do other activities during the days they were at sea. On the days they were in port, in different places in Canada, they would take tour buses and visit interesting sites and eat lunch out.

Annie asked, “Are there any special manners we need for the cruise other than table manners”? Grandma Maureen smiled and said, “Why yes there are. Let’s go over cruise manners right now:

  • Take the stairs when you can and leave the elevator for those who need to use it because they have trouble going up and downstairs
  • Always hold the door and let adults go before you unless they say that you can go ahead
  • Its OK to be friendly with other adults when I am around
  • Always say please, thank you and excuse me and say it like you mean it
  • No shouting, running or throwing things”

“Wow, grandma, that’s so much to remember,” said Arthur J. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there to remind you of your cruise manners,” said Grandma Maureen with a smile.