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Kathy is a Butinsky!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

KathyKathy often buts in when other kids are talking. She doesn’t let other kids finish what they are saying; she just starts talking about what she wants to talk about.

Some kids say Kathy is rude; others just call her a butinsky.

Well, here is what happened the other day, that made Kathy promise to stop being a butinsky.

Kathy and Maria were walking down “Can Do” Street when they met Nellie. “Hi Nellie, how are you,” said Kathy. “I’m OK thanks,” answered Nellie. “Did you see the…” said Nellie, but before she could finish what she was saying, Kathy said, “Did you see the new Disney show on TV last night?”

“No I didn’t,” said Nellie, “But you should…”

“Oh it was so cool,” said Kathy. Again she didn’t let Nellie finish what she was saying.

Kathy talked on and on for a few minutes about the TV show. Then Nellie interrupted her saying, “I have to go home for dinner now. I will see you both in school tomorrow.”

Maria then asked,”Okay Nellie what was it you wanted to tell us?”

“Oh” said Nellie, “I just wanted to tell you that they were giving away free chocolate candies over at the store across the street. I guess they will be all gone by now.” With that she left her two friends and started for home.

“Bye,” said Maria. Then she turned and stared at Kathy.

“What?” said Kathy.

“It was rude of you to keep interrupting Nellie while she was speaking,” said Maria. “We missed out on getting free candy because you didn’t let her finish what she was trying to say.”

“I’m sorry,” said Kathy. She really was sorry.

“Oh, it’s OK,” said Maria. “Just remember that it is good manners to let others finish speaking before you start to talk.”

“I promise to do better. I promise to listen when someone else is speaking and wait until they finish before I begin to talk,” said Kathy.


Kathy Fell Asleep in Class…Again!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

asleepAfter recess, Miss Pat noticed that Kathy had her head on the table and was sound asleep.

Her table mates were trying not to giggle, but Kathy was snoring so loudly it was hard to hear Miss Pat.

Miss Pat went over to Kathy and gently shook her awake. Kathy woke with a start. ” I was just resting my eyes,” said Kathy. Her classmates started laughing and Arthur J said, “You were snoring, Kathy.

You were asleep and you were really snoring!”

Kathy got mad and said,”Was not asleep; was not snoring!” The her classmates yelled out, “Were too snoring!” Hector even demonstrated how she sounded. Kathy’s face got beat red and her eyes got all watery. She was so embarrassed.

Miss Pat asked,”Kathy, why so tired?” Kathy answered, “The last time I fell asleep in class it was because I didn’t eat a good breakfast. But this morning I had eggs and toast and juice and that is a good breakfast.”

Miss Pat said,”What time did you go to bed last night?” Kathy answered, “I went to bed at my usual time but I couldn’t get to sleep for a long time.”

Orrie started waving his hand madly and saying, “I know, I know.” Miss Pat called on him saying, “What do you know, Orrie?”

“I think I know why Kathy couldn’t fall asleep last night. I saw her take a can of soda up to bed with her. It was the kind of soda that has caffeine in it. it also has lots of sugar.”

Miss Pat asked, “Is that true, Kathy?” Kathy nodded. Miss Pat said, ” Sugary drinks, especially those with caffeine can make you jumpy any time. If  you drink them but before bed, well, they can keep you up for hours!”

“What else shouldn’t we have before bed,” asked Miss Pat. Bobby said,” No eating candy.” Annie said, “Don’t take sugary cereals.”

Miss Pat smiled, “Got the idea Kathy? Ask your mom what you can have as a safe and healthy snack so you can get to sleep and stay asleep.”