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September is National Children’s Good Manners Month

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Hector wants to know…what are manners? Maria says that manners are guidelines for how to behave in all social situations. Is she right?

How would you describe manners?

Bobby says manners are important because they keep us from hurting people’s feelings. Do you think he’s right?

Do you know words that show you have good manners? Here are a few: Please…Thank You…You’re Welcome…Excuse me. Can you name any others?

Let’s see what you think would be good manners.

1. You are at the dinner table, with family company, and your head starts itching. What should you do?

2. A friend comes to your house and brings a gift. What should you say or do?

3. You see your grandma on the street and she is carrying packages. What should you do?

4. You have a seat on the bus, but an elderly lady gets on the bus and there are no seats left. What can you do?

5. You need to go to the bathroom in school. You need to get permission from your teacher but  she is talking to someone. What can you do?

Do you think you have good manners? Do you ask by saying please first? Do you say thank you when you receive something or get help? What about when you need to get by someone, or you bump into someone do you say excuse me?

Can you name a few things you can do to improve your manners?