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Street Smarts

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

street smartsHector sat up straight when he saw his grandma, Grandma Frances enter the classroom. She was wearing her Emergency Medical Technician uniform. Right behind Grandma Frances was Policewoman Paula. “Good Morning children,”  said Grandma Frances. “Policewoman Paula and I are here to see how much you know about street smarts.”

Hector leaned over and whispered in Yundi’s ear. “If my grandma asks if any one knows what an Emergency Medical Technician does, raise your hand and answer. Otherwise she’s going to call on me, and I can’t remember exactly what she does. Then I’m going to be embarrassed and she’s going to be mad at me.” Yundi nodded that he would.

Just then Grandma Frances said, “I’m sure you all know what Policewoman Paula does, but do you know what I do?” Yundi raised his hand, and when called on said, “Last year, when I fell off my bike and hurt my leg and skinned my arm, you came in the ambulance and took care of me. You called my mom and rode in the ambulance with me to the hospital. I was so scared, but you explained why I had to go to the hospital to make sure my leg wasn’t broken.”

Grandma Frances beamed! “That’s right Yundi. My job is to help boys and girls and adults when they need medical attention because they had an accident or are very sick . I come by ambulance along with another Emergency Medical Technician, and help care for the child or adult on the way to the hospital.”

street smartsPolicewoman Paula began the street smarts discussion. “We have a series of questions. When we we finished the questions, we will give you the answers. Please think about what you would do in each situation.

  1. What would you do if you and a friend were out walking on Can Do Street and you needed to use the public restroom?
  2. Your mom is looking at kitchen equipment in the store. You’re bored, so without telling her, you walk away and go to the toy department.
  3. As you walk home from school, a car comes up along side you and the stranger inside the care asks you if you want to go for a soda.
  4. On you way home from school, you pass by a dog run and decide to stop and watch the dogs play for awhile.
  5. Some kids are playing ball in the street; they invite you to join them.
  6. You see a dog by himself with no collar or leash. You are thinking about going up to him and petting him.”

The “Can Dos” were all quiet as they thought about what to do. Then Grandma Frances and Policewoman Paula began calling on each ” Can Do”and asking them what they would do. Some of their answers were not so good, not so safe choices. Some of the “Can Dos’ did not have street smarts.

Here are the Street Smarts answers:

  1. Never go into a public restroom alone. Go with a family member or a friend.
  2. It isn’t safe for you to wander away from your mom or any adult you are with when out shopping.
  3. Beware of stranger danger. Don’t go near a car or any stranger who offers you a ride, candy or soda, or to pet his puppy. Tell your parent, a teacher, a police person, or crossing guard about the stranger.
  4. Always go right home from school, unless you have permission from your parent to go somewhere, such as the library or a play date. Your parent will worry if you are not home on time.
  5. Playing ball in the street is not safe. Unless a street is shut off to all traffic, it is not safe.
  6. Never approach a stray dog. You don’t know if he is friendly. He could be sick. If you see a police officer, tell him or her about the dog and the officer will call the local animal shelter to get the dog help.

Grandma Frances and Policewoman Paula said goodbye to the “Can Dos” reminding them to always practice street smarts.


Arthur J. Loses His Way

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Arthur JArthur J. felt so grown up walking the one block to Hector’s house all by himself.

Hector lived three blocks from a playground with a ping pong table.  Arthur J.  was looking forward to beating Hector in a game or two.

Arthur J. was staying with Grandma Maureen and Grandpa John over the weekend. They only lived one block from Hector.

When Grandma Maureen agreed that he could walk to Hector’s alone, Arthur J had to promise to go directly to Hector’s and not stop anywhere else or talk to strangers along the way. When he got to Hector’s, he was to call Grandma Maureen from the cell phone she gave him to use.

Arthur J. got to Hector’s house and rang the bell. Hector’s mom answered the door, saying,” Hi Arthur J. How are you today?” Arthur smiled and answered, “I’m fine, thank you Miss Maria. I came to ask Hector to go to the playground with me.”

Miss Maria shook her head no and said, “Hector can’t go anywhere today. In fact, he won’t be going anywhere until he finishes the books on his summer reading list. Did you read all the books on the reading list”?

Arthur J shook his head yes and answered, “I finished reading all the books last week.”

“Good for you,” said Hector’s mom. “I am sorry you came over here only to find out Hector can’t play with you today.” Arthur J nodded. Hector’s mom closed the door. Arthur J stood there a minute wondering what to do next.

Arthur J really wanted to go to the playground. He knew there would be other kids there willing to play a game of ping pong with him. Besides, he thought to himself, the playground was only three blocks from where he was. He could walk that distance in no time. He would be careful crossing the streets.

Arthur J  forgot about his promise to call his grandma when he got to Hector’s. He also forgot that grandma only gave him permission to walk by himself as far as Hector’s house.

He started walking in the direction he thought he would find the playground. After three blocks, he new he was going the wrong way. He came to a street with heavy traffic and wasn’t so sure he should cross the street. He turned around and started walking back, but the street didn’t look familiar to him. He thought he must have taken a wrong turn somehow.

Now Arthur J was scared. He thought he was lost. He was afraid to ask a stranger for help. There were no police around, or school crossing guards, or even a mailman that he could ask for help. Then he remembered the cell phone. He dialed grandma’s number. She answered right away. She sounded so worried. “Where are you? When you didn’t call, we called Hector’s mom. She said you had already left. Grandpa John is out looking for you right now.”

Grandma was talking so fast, Arthur couldn’t even say anything. When grandma stopped talking, Arthur J said,”I’m lost. I don’t know where I am.” Grandma said, “Arthur J, look at the street sign what does it say?” Arthur looked around and said the name of the street he was on. “Oak Street,” said Arthur J. “OK said grandma. “Follow the street to the next corner and read me the sign of the street that crosses Oak street.” Arthur hurried down the street, feeling safer with every step he took, knowing that his grandpa would be coming for him soon.

When he got to the next corner, he told grandma the name of the street, Elm Street. Grandma answered, “Stay there and grandpa will come and get you.” A few minutes went by and Grandpa John pulled up in the car. Arthur J got in the car. Grandpa didn’t say much on the way home.

When they got in the house, grandpa told Arthur J to go into the living room and wait for him and grandma there. That’s when Arthur J knew he was in trouble.

Grandma came in and hugged him and told him she was so glad he was okay. Grandpa cleared his throat and said, “Arthur J you gave us quite a scare. You didn’t keep your promise to call and you walked far more than one block on your own.  You didn’t behave like a boy who should be allowed to go out on his own. It will be a long time before we let you go out alone again.”

Arthur J said, ” I’m sorry I broke my promise. I’m sorry I made you worry.”

Grandpa said, “I know you are. Then he looked at grandma and asked, “What should Arthur’s punishment be?” Grandma thought a minute and answered, “I think Arthur needs some quiet time to think about what he did. An afternoon in his room and no TV tonight will give him that time.”

Arthur J wasn’t happy about the punishment, but he knew what he did was wrong. He worried his grandparents and didn’t keep his promise. So, maybe he did need to think about making better choices in the future.