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Brain Food

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Miss Pat was concerned that some of the “Can Do” kids didn’t seen as sharp as they were before the long holiday recess. She wondered if they were eating enough  brain food. So, she invited Nurse Diane to speak with the class about foods that keep our brains sharp.

brain“Good Morning, class,” began Nurse Diane,” today we are going to talk about food that are important to keep your brain sharp; foods that help us to learn, to do well in school, and to solve problems. You know, all the things that each of us needs our brain to do for us.

Oh, I know you try to eat all the foods that keep you healthy, and  give you enough energy for activities and sports, but did you ever think of foods that your brain needs?”

Just as Nurse Diane finished speaking, Hector’s hand shot up. Nurse Diane called on him. “Nurse Diane, instead of you telling us about brain food, why don’t we just ask Orrie what he eats. He’s the smartest kid in the class, so we can just eat what he eats!  Then Hector sat down with a smug look on his face, as if to say” How smart am I!”

Orrie blushed when Hector said what he said, but when Nurse Diane asked him to share, he did. “For breakfast, some days I have eggs, while other days I have Greek yogurt with fruit, or oatmeal with apples.”

Nurse Diane beamed. “No wonder you are always alert and ready to learn in the morning. You eat brain food for breakfast. “

Hector didn’t look so smug anymore. He didn’t like oatmeal or eggs very much and was hoping Orrie ate toaster popped French toast and pancakes and fruit pastries.

Nurse Diane said,” I know most of you eat the school lunch, so let’s talk about dinner. Who eats fish such as tuna and salmon and even sardines? “Some hands shot up.

Then Nurse Diane asked, “What about spinach and kale, and purple cauliflower? Not so many hands went up on the vegetables.

“Okay,” she added, “Let’s talk snacks. Grab an apple or a plum when you need a sweet pick-me-up. Carry nuts as a snack. They are loaded with protein and other vitamins and minerals your brain needs.”

“Thank you Nurse Diane,” said Miss Pat. “You have given us a lot to think about.” After Nurse Diane left the room, Miss Pat asked the “Can Dos” if they were willing to eat more brain food. Some were not too sure, so Miss Pat suggested they talk to their parents about ways they could eat things like eggs and nuts and oatmeal and kale and it would taste good to them .

For a homework assignment, each “Can Do” was assigned a brain food to talk to their parents about and come up with a way to eat that particular brain food.

How about you boys and girls at home…any ideas on how to eat some of these brain foods?

Source: Nutrition information: WebMD Parenting & Children



Bobby’s Getting His Brain Ready for School

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

brainBobby told Grandpa John that his brain didn’t feel ready to go back to school.

Grandpa John smiled and said, “I have just what you need to get your brain ready for school.”  With that he got up and left the room. When he came back, he had a book of word searches. He gave the book to Bobby, saying, “Doing a few of these word searches ought to get your brain up to speed.”

Here is one of the word searches that Bobby did to get his brain up to school speed. Let’s see how you do.

 Is your brain up to school speed? Check it out.

Just print out this page and find the words listed on the left in the word puzzle on the right.