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The Firefighter is Our Friend

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Vacation week was coming to an end and soon it would be time to go back to school. But, today there is a guest speaker at “Can Do” Street Community Center.

A firefighter is speaking  to the “Can Dos” about fire safety.

The “Can Dos” could not help staring at all the clothing and equipment the firefighter had on.

He was even carrying a mask, which he put on for them to see. He was kind of scary looking with the mask on. Then Firefighter Jim explained why he needed the mask for his safety when he went into a burning building to rescue people and it all made sense to the “Can Dos.

Firefighter Jim said to the class, “If you are ever in a building where there is a fire, don’t run or hide from the firefighter who comes in to rescue you. Don’t be afraid of the mask he has to wear in order to breathe safely while trying to find you or others who need to be carried to safety. When a firefighter calls out to you, answer right away so he can find you. It is very hard to see in the dark caused by a fire, so let him here your voice loud and clear.”

The “Can Dos” listened very carefully. It was scary to think about being in a fire and having to be rescued, but they wanted to know how to help themselves if ever there was a fire.

Then firefighter Jim reminded them of how to prevent causing a fire:

  • Never play with matches or cigarette lighters
  • Never play near a stove that has lit burners
  • Don’t throw anything into a fireplace while it is burning
  • Don’t play with lit candles
  • Don’t use or play with fire works
  • Don’t start a fire in your yard to burn trash or leaves…leave that to the adults to do.

Firefighter Jim reminded the “Can Dos” that if they saw a fire, not to try to put it out, but to get away from the fire, to safety He also reminded them that if the fire was in their home to get out immediately and not try to go and get a favorite toy or a pet to take out with them. Once they were safely away from the fire they could call 911 or pull a fire alarm box if there was one nearby.

Walking home from the Community Center, the “Can Dos” spoke about Firefighter Jim’s visit. What he said made sense to them. The all agreed that firefighters truly are their friends.


Food Safety and Fixing an After School Snack

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

nurse diane teaches after school snackNurse Diane visited the “Can Dos” in class and spoke to them about being careful when they prepare an after school snack at home.

Here is what she had to say. “You need to be careful when you make an after school  snack or you could wind up getting sick. This is what you need to do keep from getting sick:

  • First…put your books, knapsack, and sporting equipment on the floor, not on eating counters or the kitchen table where the germs on your bag, books and sporting equipment can get on the table where you are going to make your snack or eat it.
  • Wipe the counter or food preparation area before you put food on it to make sure their are no germs on the counter. Use a clean paper towel with hot water and soap to wipe the counter. Then rinse the area with another clean paper and clean, cool water. Make sure you get all the soap up
  • Clean out your lunch box and throw away sandwiches or other “refrigerator type” foods, such as yogurt tubes or cheese sticks, left over from lunch that are no longer safe to eat. Don’t eat them for a snack. It doesn’t matter if they look or smell okay.
  • Wash your hands before you make or eat a snack. Hands carry lots of germs, and not washing hands is a big reason for getting sick from making food with germ-filled hands.
  • Always use clean spoons, forks, and plates.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables with running tap water before you eat them.
  • Do not eat bread, cheese, or soft fruits or vegetables that have bruises or spots of mold.
  • Do not eat unbaked cookie dough because it may contain raw eggs that can have bacteria that can make you sick.
  • Do not leave cold items, like milk, lunch meat, hard cooked eggs, or yogurt, out on the counter at room temperature. Put these foods back in the refrigerator as soon as you’ve fixed your snack.
  • Don’t eat any food that has been  left out of the refrigerator, such as pizza — even if it isn’t topped with meat. Food should not be left in the temperature “Danger Zone” of 40 to 140 °F for more than 2 hours or no more than 1 hour if the temperature is 90 °F or higher.
  • When you finish preparing your snack, be sure to wash off the counter or food prep area with a clean paper towel.”

“Wow,” said Hector, “That’s a bunch of things to remember about making a snack!”

Nurse Diane nodded and answered, ” True, but It beats getting tummy troubles doesn’t it Hector?”

Hector had to agree!

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control


Kathy Scraped Her Knee, Now She Has a Big Scab

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Kathy was standing outside the nurse’s office at summer camp waiting for Nurse Diane to look at her knee.

Just then Bobby walked by with some of the other campers. Bobby noticed  the big red spot on Kathy’s knee .

That thing on your knee really looks yucky, Kathy,” said Bobby.

Kathy has a hurt kneeKathy started to sniffle and answered, “I fell while jumping rope. I don’t understand. I never fall. I’m really good at jumping rope.”

Just then the door opened and Nurse Diane came out and said, “Why Kathy, what’s wrong? Did you fall and scrape your knee? Come inside and I will take a look at it and clean it up for you.”

Kathy followed Nurse Diane into the nurse’s office. Nurse Diane got some medicine out of the closet. She cleaned off the scrape and got ready to put the medicine on it when Kathy asked, “How come my knee isn’t bleeding like when I cut my finger? Bobby’s right, it looks yucky. What does it have on it?”

Nurse Diane smiled and said, “Your knee probably bled some when you fell, but not the way it would if you fell on a sharp edge and cut yourself. You didn’t cut your knee, you scraped your knee and now a scab is forming on it.”

Kathy looked confused and asked, “What’s a scab?” Nurse Diane answered saying, “A scab is how our body  protects our skin after we get a scrape by forming a hard crust over the area that is hurt and bleeding.  The scab lets the skin underneath heal.”

Kathy asked Nurse Diane how long the scab would stay on her knee. Nurse Diane told her it would fall off in a week or so and her knee would look as good as new.

Kathy smiled and thanked Nurse Diane. Just as she was leaving Nurse Diane called after her, “Remember Kathy, don’t pick that scab or you may get a scar on your knee. Let that scab sit there until  it comes off on its own and it will!”


Summer Fun…Summer Safety

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Coach Campbell was already in the classroom when the “Can Do:” Kids arrived for the start of the school day. He greeted the students and asked that they take their seats so he could begin talking to them about summer safetpicture of coach campbell golding a clipboard and wearing a whistley.

“Summer is a wonderful time of the year,” said Coach Campbell. “A time for summer fun playing games, going swimming, riding bikes and skateboards, playing sports like baseball, going to camp and visiting friends and family. Summer is also a time when children who don’t practice summer safety rules can have accidents and wind up not having so much fun. So, let’s review some summer safety rules to be sure all of you have a great summer.”

The class all nodded. Coach began by reviewing water safety. He reminded the class to:

  • Learn to swim
  • Never swim alone
  • At the beach, pool or lake, never swim or even go into the water unless there is a life guard on duty
  • If you have a home pool, don’t go into the pool unless there is an adult there to watch over you
  • Don’t play rough in the water by holding someone’s head under water, or grabbing his or her legs
  • Wear a life jacket in a boat
  • Don’t use an inner tube or other inflatable device without an adult being near you

The “Can Do” Kids all nodded their heads to let Coach know they understood and would practice the water safety rules he shared with them.

Coach then moved onto safety rules for games, sports,  riding bikes, skateboards and scooters by reminding the class to:

  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bike, a scooter and a skateboard to prevent a head injury in case of a fall.
  • Don’t throw equipment around for others to trip on or get hit with during and after a game
  • Don’t ride your bike, skateboard, or scooter after dark
  • Don’t ride your bike, scooter or skateboard in street traffic, ride it in areas reserved for these biking, skateboarding and scooter riding.
  • When playing sports, use proper equipment, play safe and play fair

Coach ended his summer safety talk by wishing everyone a safe and fun summer.


The “Can Do” Kids Know at Home Fire Safety; Do You?

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Take the quiz below with a parent and see how much you know about what to do in case of a home fire.

The Home Fire Safety Quiz Part 1

1.       Does your family have a plan for being safe if a fire broke out in your house/apt?__________

2.       How will you get out of the house/apt?__________________________________________

3.       Do you have at least two ways of getting out of the house/apt to safety?

4.       Where will you meet up with your family?________________________________________

Part 2

5.       Circle where you need smoke detectors in your home:  top of stairs   bedrooms   basement  closet   back door

6.       Circle how often you need to test you smoke alarms: 1x a wk  1x a month  1x every 6 mos.

7.       Circle how often you need to change the batteries in your smoke alarms: 1x per mo.  1x per year

8.       Where do you need a fire extinguisher?____________________________________________

9.       Do you need/can you use a ladder rope to get to safety?______________________________

10.   What room(s) need a ladder rope?________________________________________________

11.   Do you practice home fire drills?__________________________________________________

12.   Why is having a fire drill in the evening the best time to have a drill?_____________________

Be sure to check our next post when we look at how you can help to keep your home or apartment safe by finding and fixing any fire hazards you might have in your home.