What’s Special About the Month Coming up?

January 28th, 2015

month“Okay boys and girls,” said Miss Pat, “A new month is coming up and I want to see how much you know about this month. Willie, please hand out a copy of the quiz to your classmates.”

“Yes Miss Pat,” said Willie.

After each child in the class got a copy of the quiz, Miss Pat said, “Class,  you may begin the quiz.”

How about taking the quiz right along with the “Can Do” Kids”? Ready…set…go!


What is the name of this month?___________________

How many days are in this month?________________________________________________

How many holidays are in this month?_________________________________________________

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is this month. Who was he?______________________________________

George Washington’s birthday is this month.Who was he?___________________________________

There is a special day this month when you show someone their special. You give them a card, or candy. What is this day called?