Water Park Here we Come!

March 13th, 2014

 The “Can Dos’ were all sitting around at lunch time talking about what they were going to do over Spring break from school. Nellie was bursting to share her news, “We are going to visit my Aunt Bessie in Florida. She lives near a water park.”

Hector jumped in saying, “Wow, you are so luck; water parks are s-o-o much fun! “ Then it was “Orrie’s turn to jump in. “Hector is right, water parks are so much fun, but if you want to have fun and be safe you need to remember some things.”

Willie chimed in, saying, : my grandpa say that Nellie and I have to do the following things or our visit at the water park will be very short.”

Here is Grandpa Dooley’s list of water park do’s and don’ts:

  • Read all the signs before going on a ride.
  • Make sure you are tall enough and old enough.
  • Ask questions if you are not sure about how you’re supposed to go on the ride.
  • On most water slides, you should go down face up, arms crossed behind your head, and feet first with your ankles crossed
  • When you go from ride to ride, don’t run. It’s slippery!
  • Bumping into others on a slide can hurt. That’s why no “chains” of people are allowed on water rides. So, count five seconds after the rider ahead of you has gone before you take your turn.
  • Wear a life preserver — the water park supplies it for a reason.


Have fun at the water park Nellie and Willie! Take pictures!