Writing About Time

February 2nd, 2013

Time of DayWendy loves to write about time. Miss Pat thought about stories that would help the “Can Dos” understand more about sentences that describe writing about time. She asked Wendy to write two of them to be read in class.

Here are a few stories that Wendy wrote about time. Why not see how well you can figure out the times they are talking about. Remember, time is more than a time of day. It can be a time of the year, a time in history, a time in the future, a season of the year, and a holiday time.

Story 1 about time: It was getting dark. Snowflakes were falling on my nose. I put my hood up over my head. I looked at a clock in the store window. In fifteen minutes it would be suppertime.


What time of day is it?________________________________________

What season of the year is it?___________________________________

What is the weather like ?______________________________________

Story 2 about time: Hector, Bobby and Willie went camping with their grandpas. The campsite was really cool. There were lots of big leafy trees. The lake was so close we could see it from our tents. We used branches and twigs on the ground for our campfire. The night was so dark, we could see so many stars in the sky. It was fun out there.


What time of day is the story about?___________________________

What time of the year is the story about?___________________________