The Word Jumble

January 8th, 2012

Well, the second day back to school was not much better than the first. So, Miss Pat decided it was another day for making a game out of learning, this time for spelling and vocabulary using a word jumble.

She chose a word jumble for them to do, hoping this would get their attention and they would learn and have fun while learning.

“The first three of you to finish the jumble correctly will not have any homework tonight.” Don’t shout out when you are finished the jumble, just raise your hand and I will come over and check your work,” said Miss Pat

Miss Pat handed out the jumble and the room got quiet. Soon Orrie’s hand went up. Then Maria raised her hand and then Yundi. Sure enough, they all had the jumble right! No homework for them.

Why don’t you see how you do with the jumble?

word jumble