The Firefighter is Our Friend

December 30th, 2011

Vacation week was coming to an end and soon it would be time to go back to school. But, today there is a guest speaker at “Can Do” Street Community Center.

A firefighter is speaking¬† to the “Can Dos” about fire safety.

The “Can Dos” could not help staring at all the clothing and equipment the firefighter had on.

He was even carrying a mask, which he put on for them to see. He was kind of scary looking with the mask on. Then Firefighter Jim explained why he needed the mask for his safety when he went into a burning building to rescue people and it all made sense to the “Can Dos.

Firefighter Jim said to the class, “If you are ever in a building where there is a fire, don’t run or hide from the firefighter who comes in to rescue you. Don’t be afraid of the mask he has to wear in order to breathe safely while trying to find you or others who need to be carried to safety. When a firefighter calls out to you, answer right away so he can find you. It is very hard to see in the dark caused by a fire, so let him here your voice loud and clear.”

The “Can Dos” listened very carefully. It was scary to think about being in a fire and having to be rescued, but they wanted to know how to help themselves if ever there was a fire.

Then firefighter Jim reminded them of how to prevent causing a fire:

  • Never play with matches or cigarette lighters
  • Never play near a stove that has lit burners
  • Don’t throw anything into a fireplace while it is burning
  • Don’t play with lit candles
  • Don’t use or play with fire works
  • Don’t start a fire in your yard to burn trash or leaves…leave that to the adults to do.

Firefighter Jim reminded the “Can Dos” that if they saw a fire, not to try to put it out, but to get away from the fire, to safety He also reminded them that if the fire was in their home to get out immediately and not try to go and get a favorite toy or a pet to take out with them. Once they were safely away from the fire they could call 911 or pull a fire alarm box if there was one nearby.

Walking home from the Community Center, the “Can Dos” spoke about Firefighter Jim’s visit. What he said made sense to them. The all agreed that firefighters truly are their friends.