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American Customs

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

american customsMiss Pat announced a pop quiz based on a homework assignment on American customs that she gave the class a few days earlier.

“Class let’s see what you learned about some of the American customs I asked you to read about,” said Miss Pat.

Here are the questions and the answers the “Can Dos” gave. How would you have done on a quiz about American customs?

1. Why is it an American custom for baby boys to be dressed in blue and baby girls dressed in pink ?

2. Why do Americans shake hands when they meet?

3. Why do Americans use the OK sign?

4. What does the American custom of crossing one’s heart mean?

5. Why do some American parents give their children a weekly allowance?

American Customs Answers:

1. Since all babies look alike, boys are usually dressed in blue and girls in pink simply to identify the baby as a boy or a girl. In ancient times the color blue was believed to ward off evil spirits, so it was reserved for boys. The color pink was introduced for baby girls according to a European tradition that suggested that girls were born inside a pink rose.

2. Handshaking is a polite gesture indicating friendship and acceptance. Today both men and women shake hands not only as a greeting but to seal a contract as well.

3. Americans use the OK sign by joining the thumb and forefinger in a circle to indicate that all is well or perfect.

4. Americans cross their hearts to seal promises or pledges. It comes from an old religious tradition that believes that crossing your heart is a protection against bad luck and confirms that the speaker’s pledge is made in earnest.

5. The modern weekly allowance is a set sum of money that parents give their children as spending money or in return for completing household chores. it is intended to teach the concept of earning money and money management.