Math Games

December 9th, 2011

Nellie and math gamesNot all the “Can Dos” do well in math, especially Nellie, who needs lots of help with addition and adding with multiples of numbers.

Miss Pat was afraid that Nellie  might fall behind in class so she asked Orrie to help her. Orrie said he would be happy to help.

Over the holiday weekend, Miss Pat made two math games that the whole class would enjoy and with Orrie’s help, the games would make math a little easier for Nellie.

“Class, Miss Pat, “Let’s do math today by playing some math games on the computer.’ The class thought this was a great idea and each went to his or her computer. Orrie sat next to Nellie, saying,”If you need any help, I’m right here.”¬† Nellie smiled and said, “Thanks Orrie, I could use some help.”

How about you following along with Miss Pat’s directions and try the new math games with the “Can Dos”?

Miss Pat says, ” Go to the “Can Do” Club House and click on the balloon that says more games. Look for “Everlasting Math Sheets – Addition. It is a great way to practice addition. “Number Lines” is a fun math game.

The classroom got quiet as the “Can Do” kids practiced adding and played at “Number Lines.” When the session was over, Nellie turned to Orrie and said,”Thanks Orrie. You are a great math tutor”!

How did you do with the math games?