Christmas Matching Games

December 15th, 2011

WChristmas matching gamesith only 10 days until Christmas, the “Can Do”s were not very interested in regular school work.

So, Miss Pat decided to make two Christmas matching games to use in the vocabulary and spelling lessons for the day.

Miss Pat announced that it was vocabulary time. After the class stopped moaning and groaning she said, “Class I have  a surprise for you. Today’s vocabulary building and spelling is going to be about Christmas words and Christmas things.”

Hector raised his hand and said, “This ought to be easy. I know all about Christmas stuff.” Miss Pat smiled and said,” We’ll see about that Hector.”

Then she asked everyone to go to their computers because the games were interactive matching games that could only be played on the computer.

Boys and Girls, why don’t you see how you would do playing the Christmas matching games? Just go to the “Can Do” Club House  choose games  and then choose Christmas games. The games are called. What is Santa Up To and Christmas Things.