Look Who Got Promoted With the Class!

August 24th, 2011

The “Can Dos” were all excited as they met up in the school yard before class on the first day of school.

Some walked to school with a parent or older brother or sister. Some car pooled with other kids from their neighborhood. Those who lived farthest away took the school bus.

Just then the bell rang and the “Can Dos” lined up behind the sign that said their grade. Then they all marched into the school and were led to a new classroom that would be where their class would be for the whole year.

Classroom for can do class

The tables and chairs were all neat and clean. Some had supplies on them like crayons and paper and pencils.

As they were taking their seats, a voice came from behind them, saying, “Don’t take seats just yet, class. I want to assign seating.”The “Can Dos” looked at each other in amazement. They recognized that voice. It was Miss Pat!

Miss Pat walked to the front of the room and greeted each “Can Do”  in the class by name. Smiling she said, “Since I know you all so well, I know who should and shouldn’t sit next to one another. That is why I am going to assign seats.”

The “Can Dos” knew better than to groan or make a smart comment. It was true, Miss Pat, their teacher from last year, knew them very well.

Kathy turned to Hector and whispered,”Did you read those books from the list Miss Pat gave us before summer vacation?” Hector beamed and answered, “I sure did. It took me most of last week to do it!: It was a good thing too, since as soon as they were seated Miss Pat said, “Okay, class let’s begin by reviewing the books from our must read list. You know the one, the one I gave you before summer vacation.”

Before they got started talking about the books they read and what the books were about, Miss Pat asked,”Class, does anyone have any questions about the new school year?” Eulyn raised her hand and when Miss Pat called on her she asked, “How come you are our teacher again this year? How come?”

Miss Pat smiled and said, “Why class, I got promoted just like all of you!”