Home Again…Home Again!

July 11th, 2011

a passenger planeAs the plane touched down at “Can Do” Street airport Arthur J, Annie and Kathy looked at each other and said,”We’re home”!

When they looked out the window they saw their parents and friends waiting for them. All of a sudden they were no longer sad, just glad to be home! There was so much to share about their trip; all the things they saw and did on the cruise ship and in the ports they visited in Canada.

They ran up to their parents and hugged them. They even hugged their cousins and friends! It was so good to be home, back on “Can Do” Street. It seemed like they had been away from home a lot longer than 10 days!

Grandpa John announced that there was a little get together at the community center to welcome them home. So off they went, meeting up with their neighbors and classmates and sharing a wonderful lunch with them.

Arthur J, Annie and Kathy each got up and told a bit about their trip. Grandma Maureen promised to process the pictures she took and put them on display, at the community center, where all could see them by the following Saturday.

Just as Grandma Maureen was finishing her talk, Annie tugged her sleeve and pointed to Arthur J who was sound asleep, lying on the floor, his head on his suitcase.

Grandma smiled and announced, “It looks like we have a weary traveler that needs to go home. Traveling is wonderful, but coming home is the best”!