Harbour Hopper and Theodore Tugboat

July 3rd, 2011

As Kathy, Annie and Arthur J skipped along the dock in Halifax, Grandma Maureen said, “I have a surprise or two for you today. Let’s walk along the harbor until we reach our first surprise.”

Arthur J. saw Theodore Tugboat first. Running up to he yelled for his sisters to follow him.

Theodore Tugboat“You found my first surprise of the day,” said Grandma. “We are taking a cruise and listen to stories on Theodore Tugboat,” she added. With that, grandma purchased their tickets and they got on board.

What a fun-filled ride; what a great surprise!

After the ride, Arthur J, Kathy and Annie were sad to say good-bye to Theodore Tugboat. Annie turned to grandma saying, “That was so much fun can we go again”?

Grandma smiled and said, “I am glad you enjoyed your time with Theodore Tugboat, but you don’t want to miss my next surprise. I think you will find to be just as much fun. It might be even more fun than Theodore Tugboat.”

Arthur J, Kathy and Annie looked at one another, then at grandma. Kathy said, “What could be more fun than a tugboat ride”?

With that they turned a corner and found themselves staring at ‘Halifax Harbour Hopper’, which looked like part bus and part boat! They had never seen anything like it before!The Halifax Harbour Hopper photo

“What’s that, asked Arthur J. “That is your next surprise. The Halifax Harbour Hopper will take us on a tour of the city and all its historic places; then it’s into the water for a harbor cruise”, said grandma.

Annie, Kathy and Arthur J rushed to get on board. Once seated, a man got on a microphone and introduced himself as their tour guide. He said he would be telling stories about landmarks and historic sites in Halifax, but first he wanted to tell them about this strange vehicle they were riding in, called Halifax Harbour Hopper. He described Hoppers as refitted vehicles originally built for US Military use to carry men and supplies from ship to shore and through jungles.

It was so exciting to go from the streets of town into the harbor!

As they made their way back to the ship, Annie, Kathy and Arthur J talked about all they could share with family and friends at home.

“What’s our next surprise,” asked Arthur J”?

Grandma Maureen smiled saying, “This is our last port of call. We sail back tonight, docking in New York City. From there we catch a plane back to “Can Do” Street.”