What are You Going to Do This Summer?

May 29th, 2011

goingThe classroom was warm. It was almost time to be going home and the “Can Do” Kids were restless and hot. Teacher Pat called the class to order, saying, “It’s almost summer. Let’s go around the room and share what we are all going to do over the summer. Willie, you start.”

Willie said, “I’m going to day camp at the community center.” Hector shared, “I’m going too.” Maria, Nellie, Eulyn, Orrie and Mickey all yelled out that they were going to the day camp too.

Jay shared that he was going to visit his grandparents on the Indian reservation in Dakota. Yundi and Wendy said they were going to China to spend the summer with their grandparents.

Annie could hardly stay in her seat she was so excited to share where she was going. “Okay, Annie, it is your turn,”  said Miss Pat.

Annie said, “I am so excited. my grandma, Grandma Maureen, won four tickets for a cruise to Canada. She is going to take Kathy and Arthur J and me with her as a reward for us getting such good grades this year.”!

Miss Pat smiled and said, “What a nice reward for doing well in school. It sounds like you all have some very nice things to do this summer.”

Orrie raised his hand and asked, “What will you be doing Miss Pat”? Miss Pat answered, “I will be take some classes, going to the beach and visiting friends.”

With that, the dismissal bell rang and the children got up to go. Miss Pat reminded them that Coach Campbell and Nurse Diane would be coming in to talk with them about being safe over the summer and that she would have their required reading list ready for them in a few days.