Jewelry You Can Eat and No Muss Paint Crafts

April 2nd, 2011

Miss Hattie called the crafts class to order.

picture of grandma hattie with her hand on her hipThen she asked Nellie to come up and show and tell the class how to make jewelry that the preschoolers can make, wear and eat in crafts class.

Nellie came up to the front of the room holding a necklace made of  a very long red licorice lace with colored Lifesaver Gummies hanging from it. Picture of a necklace for crafts class made of red licorice and lifesaver gummies

“OK, everybody this is what you need to make 4 necklaces,” said Nellie.

Materials for 4 necklaces

1 bag of Lifesaver Gummies

1 bag of licorice laces (black or red)

4 small, but sturdy rubber bands

“And this is how you make the necklaces,” said Nellie.


Measure the licorice so the necklace will hang  in the middle of the chest on each child when finished and fit over the head with plenty of room.

Cut the licorice.

Let each child string the lifesaver gummies on his or her licorice, using 8 lifesavers.

Help each child with tying the licorice in a knot and then holding it in place with a rubber band.

“Thank you Nellie! Well done,” said Miss Hattie. “We will definitely make your necklace in crafts class.

Now it is Orrie’s turn to tell us about his no muss paint for crafts class.”

Orrie asked his table mates to clear the table for four that they shared with him. He took a big piece of Saran Wrap and covered the table tightly. Then he reached into his bag on the back of his chair and took out a big can of shaving cream and sprayed it evenly all over the Saran Wrap on the  table. Then he asked Jay to help him gently cover the shaving cream with more saran wrap, making sure it was tightly joined to the underneath Saran Wrap.

Then Orrie invited Jay, Willie, and Yundi to demonstrate how to make shapes in the shaving cream on the table and not get their hands messy. When they were done the boys carefully removed the wrapping from the table as one big piece and threw it in the trash. Their hands were clean, the table was clean and the floor was clean. Everyone clapped, even Miss Hattie!

Just then the bell rang and it was time to go home. Miss Hattie said, “Well done Orrie I will be using your idea in crafts class. Thanks again to both you and Nellie.  If anyone has other crafts suggestions, please bring them to next week’s session.”

Miss Hattie was so excited with what Nellie and Orrie did that she said, “My crafts class for preschoolers is going to be very special”!