Dinosaur Show and Tell Day

February 21st, 2011

The “Can Do” Kids were  excited to see that Miss Pat  decorated the classroom with dinosaurs for Dinosaur Show and Tell Day. They each took their seats and waited for Miss Pat to call on them for show and tell.

Miss Pat called the class to order and said, “Class here are the rules for winning today’s show and tell prize, a book about dinosaurs. Each of you will take a turn. When all of you have presented your show and tell we will have a silent vote. You may not vote for yourself. In case of a tie, we will vote for the students that are tied.”

Wendy went first. She wrote a story about a dinosaur she called Puff. The class all clapped. Then Willie showed the picture he drew. He didn’t get as much applause as Wendy. When it was Kathy’s turn, she showed the class how to make a dinosaur out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper. Wow…she got lots of applause. Orrie talked about what dinosaurs ate.

Soon everyone had a turn but Hector. He went to the front of the room and put a small and a big box on Miss Pat’s desk. First he opened the small box and took out a dinosaur he made from green play dough. Everyone wanted to know how he had made it. That’s when he opened the big box and said, “I made it the same way I made these cookies…with a cookie cutter I  bought in the gift shop at the museum.” Then he gave out a dinosaur cookie to each of his classmates and Miss Pat. Everyone agreed it was the best dinosaur they had ever eaten!

Guess who won the book for show and tell. That’s right…it was Hector. He was very nice about it though. He told everyone  that after he read it, he would lend it to anyone who wanted to read it as long as they promised to take good care of it and give it back after a few days.