Willie Wants a Dog

September 13th, 2010

Grandma Hattie and Grandpa Dooley know Willie misses his mom whose away in the Army but they are not so sure that getting him a dog is the best thing to do. They are busy taking care of him and Nellie, his sister, and don’t have the time or the energy to be picking up after a dog.

Willie promises to take care of a dog, but he has never had one before and really doesn’t know all he will have to do to take care of a dog. Do you? Can you circle all the things Willie will have to do to take care of a dog?

Take the dog for a walk 2-3 times a day (with a puppy even more times)

Put food out and clean up if the dog makes a mess

Make sure the dog always has water in his/ her bowl

Brush  the dog each week

Clean up after the dog if she/ he has a bathroom accident

Come home from a play date on time to walk the dog

Get up early every day to walk the dog

Can you think of anything else Willie will need to do?