September 27th, 2010

As Jay walked home from school  he saw a man run by a lady and grab her purse. Should he:

  • mind his own business and not tell anyone what he saw?
  • find policewoman Paula and tell her what happened?

Is he snitching if he tells policewoman Paula?

Bobby sees his sister spill milk on the floor in the kitchen. Should he:

  • help her clean it up?
  • say ” I’m telling mom on you?

Is he snitching if he tells his mom that his little sister spilled milk?

Annie comes back early from lunch and sees a classmate take a pen and candy from Miss Pat’s desk. Should she:

  • take her seat and pretend she didn’t see anything?
  • tell Miss Pat what she saw?

Is Annie snitching if she tells Miss Pat what she saw?