Wendy’s Grandma Lives Far Away

September 17th, 2010

One of Wendy’s grandma lives in China and Wendy lives in the USA. It is her Dad’s mom.  She wants to get to know her grandma before she spends a month with her in China. It will be the first time she has met her grandma in person.

Wendy sends her grandma cards now and then. Her grandma doesn’t speak English but that is okay because Wendy speaks Chinese at home and goes to Chinese school on Saturdays.She speaks Chinese well enough to talk to grandma.

What are some things Wendy can do before she visits to feel more comfortable with her grandma? Do you think she should:

  • Ask her dad to tell her more about grandma so she knows what grandma likes and doesn’t like
  • Start e-mailing grandma and get to know her better
  • Send grandma pictures and ask her to send pictures
  • Make grandma a present to take to her in China
  • Ask Dad if you can call grandma once in awhile and talk to her

What else can Wendy do to feel more  at home when she stays with grandma in China?