Meet A “Can Do”…Meet Nellie

June 7th, 2010

Nellie and her brother, Willie, live with their grandparents, Grandma Hattie and Grandpa Dooley while their mom is in the army. Nellie and Willie miss their mom but they are very proud of her. They know she is serving her country. They write her every day and look forward to her letters.

Nellie likes school and going to the community center. She loves to use the computer to play learning programs that help her with math and writing. Nellie jumps rope with  Kathy, Maria and Eulyn. Sometimes she shoots hoops with Annie.

Nellie wears a dog tag just like her mom wears in the army. On it she has important information about where she lives and her grandparents’ telephone numbers. The dog tag is her identification card ( I.D.) in case she gets lost or in trouble and needs to get help.  Nellie got lost once and her I.D. card helped Policewoman Paula call her grandparents. Do you have an I.D. card? Where do you keep your I.D. card?