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Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Do You Know…

“Can Do” Kid, Mickey, has a dog named Muggins. Mickey cannot see, so Muggins sees for him. Muggins is called a service dog. He has an important job. He guides Mickey and keeps him safe when Mickey is away from home. Mickey and Muggins go everywhere together. Mickey must put his faith in Muggins to safely cross the street, get on and off a bus or train and just walk down the street or get around a public place.

Muggins went to school to learn how to guide Mickey. Not every dog can be a service dog. It takes a special dog to do what Muggins does everyday. When Muggins showed that he had what it takes to be a service dog for a child who is blind, then he and Mickey trained together.

Because Muggins is a service dog, he can go where other dogs cannot go. Just a few of the places Muggins can go are a grocery store, a restaurant, a department store and the library. When Mickey participates in recreation, Muggins sits close by, watching Mickey. Muggins is always ready to help him. Except when he is sleeping , Muggins is always on the job. That is why it it is important not to speak to Muggins or pet him when he is with Mickey. Muggins needs to be paying attention to Mickey at all times. Muggins sleeps with Mickey. He is a part of Mickey’s family. Mickey and Muggins are best friends.

What Can A “Can Do” Do?

Hi, I’m Grandpa John!

One of the “Can Do” Kids, Arthur J, asked me what he can do about a problem he has. His mother’s birthday is coming and Arthur J. doesn’t have any money to buy his mom a gift. Before I share what I think he can do, can you think of something Arthur J. can do so he has a gift for his mom? If you have an idea, just email me.(members only) Be sure to use your user name and not your real name when you email me. Ideas for Arthur J. will be published in a future blog.

Be a “Can Do” Kid that knows how to be safe!

  • Bike safety: Yundi likes to ride his bike. He wears his helmet when riding. Email Yundi(members only) and remind him of what else he needs to do to be safe when riding his bike.

  • Kitchen safety: Nellie wants a snack, but grandma is on the telephone, so Nellie decides to fix her own snack. Nellie wants to make toaster waffles. Email Nellie(members only) and remind her why it is not a good idea to use the toaster or other appliances when she is by herself in the kitchen. Answers will be published in a future blog.