Meet A “Can Do”…Meet Hector

May 16th, 2010

Hi, I’m Hector!

I am the coolest kid on “Can Do” Street. Skateboarding, swimming and using the computer are my favorite things to do. At first I didn’t want to to go to school, but ever since I started school I really like it.

I’m a big talker and sometimes that gets me in trouble in school. Miss Pat, my teacher, has to tell me to be quiet and to raise my hand if I want to say something. I’m also a big eater and sharing my food is hard for me. My friends say if I’d share more, I’d weigh less.

I think it is hard to share toys and school stuff, especially with my sister, Maria. I’m always getting in trouble for using her stuff without asking. Mostly my friends like having me around even though they have to keep reminding me that friends share.

When you can, come to “Can Do” Street and watch me skate!